Nikki Tamboli flooded with 3 film offers after Bigg Boss 14 [Exclusive]

Nikki Tamboli flooded with 3 film offers after Bigg Boss 14

Nikki Tamboli became one of the top three finalists of Bigg Boss 14. The actress had done some work in Telugu and Tamil films, but it looks like Bigg Boss 14 has opened new avenues for her. It seems the actress is eyeing a career in Bollywood, and has got good response as well. We know that she is in talks for a movie with Mithun Chakraborty's son, but it seems like there is more in the anvil. A source tells us that Nikki Tamboli is in demand for both the movie and OTT space. People are impressed by her looks and vivacious personality.

The source told BollywoodLife, "Not one but three producers have come to her with projects. They are known big projects but the cast and crew consists of decent well-known names. Her team is also discussing a couple of projects for the OTT space. Nikki Tamboli might be seen in a music video soon. The girl is attending meetings daily and could not be happier. In a span of five months, her social media following has grown threefold. People are noticing this. By the finale, she had built a good organic fan base." The young lady is slaying in all her appearances after the show.

However, as it done in the industry people like to keep things under wraps until they are announced officially. Nikki Tamboli is also lying low as she does not want anything to be jinxed beforehand. The lady wants to tread cautiously from now on in her professional life. This season, contestants like Eijaz Khan, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Pavitra Punia have also impressed many. They too have more projects coming up. Rahul Vaidya is expected to make some announcements soon. Nikki Tamboli's hard work on the show seems to have paid off. We will keep you posted on more!

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