Rahul Vaidya reveals how he was instantly floored by Disha Parmar in 2018; says, 'Itni sundar ladki hai toh mauka kaise chhod dete'

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar's romance has been one of the highlights of Bigg Boss 14. The manner in which their love story played on while he was inside had viewers hooked. While some have alleged that this was just for publicity, and everything was finalised beforehand, Disha Parmar says they never dated as a couple before Bigg Boss 14. However, she agreed that they were friends and liked one another. But they never confessed their feelings. Disha Parmar told The Times of India that the proposal came as a shocker albeit a happy one.

She said, "I was celebrating my birthday with my friends when a promo of him proposing to me broke on television. I was taken by surprise because I had no idea that he would do something like that. Hum date toh kar nahi rahe the ki proposal aa jaaye. There was no denying that I liked him, but I was shocked. We liked each other, but never spoke about our feelings and he straight away proposed for marriage! It took a little time for things to sink in. Even my family was surprised. I had tears in my eyes while watching the promo. Then I thought about it. There was no way I could have said no. He came out for a week in between and we got an opportunity to discuss it."

Rahul Vaidya says he was instantly attracted to Disha Parmar when she messaged him on Instagram in 2018. He told the paper, "I thought itni sundar ladki hai toh mauka kaise chhod dete (laughs!). I messaged her, we started chatting and soon exchanged numbers. We hung out for the first time in Delhi while shooting for my single, Yaad Teri, in November 2018."

Disha Parmar is confident that he will be a good husband. She told the publication, "Kya chahiye, kya nahi chahiye, kya karna hai kya nahi karna hai he is clear about everything in life. He is honest and romantic, and that's amazing (smiles!). I'm sure that he is going to be a great husband."

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