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5 Facts: Who is Inspector Vijay Dandekar in “Lut Gaye” Song Ft. Emraan Hashmi, is it a real story

lut gaye song real story vijay dandekar. 5 Facts: Who is Inspector Vijay Dandekar in “Lut Gaye” Song Ft. Emraan Hashmi, is it a real story
5 Facts: Who is Inspector Vijay Dandekar in “Lut Gaye” Song Ft. Emraan Hashmi, is it a real story

Emraan Hashmi's Lut Gaye is a heartfelt single that has of late been circulating around the web across online media stages. The melody portrays the tale of a youngster who attempts to escape from a lot of thugs. He enters an arbitrary inn for cover where an opulent wedding is required to occur inside the following not many hours. The heartfelt tune has been made by Tanishq Bagchi and Jubin Nautiyal while the verses of the tune have been written somewhere around Manoj Muntashir. Here is a gander at a progression of realities about the tune Lut Gaye that the vast majority are unconscious of.

Unknown facts about Emraan Hashmi’s Lut Gaye

1. Emraan Hashmi rehearsed the steps on the sets

In the recent interaction with KoiMoi, directors of the song Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru revealed that Emraan Hashmi was not called for the rehearsals since they did not want to bother the actor over the small dance sequence. When the actor arrived on the sets, he revealed that he liked participating in dance rehearsals and would like to be invited in the future. He also perfected the dance set in just a few minutes while they were all prepping for the shoot.

2. Who is Vijay Dandekar of  "Lut Gaye" music album?

Vijay Dandekar was a cop who later turned to an encounter specialist after he lost the love he met in his life. The song Lut Gaye starring Emraan Hashmi is based on the life of Vijay Dandekar who is one of the most dreaded encounter specialists of Mumbai. He was an undercover cop when he met the love of his life and became an encounter specialist after the incident.

3. Emraan Hashmi was instantly impressed

In the interaction with KoiMoi, the makers revealed that Emraan Hashmi had a distinct style and would instantly decide after the narration if he wanted to do the piece or not. In this case, the team was on a Zoom call when the actor was told the entire story. He was quite impressed with the plotline and jumped at the opportunity as he felt the story was fantastic.

4. The horse scene was inspired by the music

Directors Radhika Rao and Vija Sapru also revealed that the song gave out a sad vibe and they wanted to associate a tragic story with it. The first scene ever created for this piece was the horse scene as they felt that the opening music resembled an empty street and a well-decorated horse. The story was picked after this sequence.

5. Fans were fascinated by the story

The original music video of Lut Gaye comes with small notes that narrate the real-life story of Vijay Dandekar. Fans were so impressed with the story that the views of the song shot up at a steady pace, gaining more and more likes every day. Fans were also elated to see Emraan Hashmi back with a romantic music video.

Image Courtesy: Still from YouTube (T Series)

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