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Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT: Vanraj accuses Anupamaa of having an affair with Advait; here's how she will react

Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Anupamaa is winning hearts. The show has been loved by the audience ever since the first episode of the show aired. The innocence of Anupamaa and Vanraj's rude behaviour has grabbed all the attention. The current storyline of the show is quite interesting. Anupamaa and Vanraj are officially divorced and Kavya is quite happy about it. However, Dr.Advait Khanna has revealed it to Anupamaa that she has been diagnosed with cancer. Anupamaa decides to leave the Shah house and begin her new life alone. She also decides to fight against cancer with Advait helping her in it. Anupamaa's son, Samar is about to get engaged with Nandini but their engagement is called off after the Shahs come to know that Nandini cannot become a mother.

However, Anupamaa supports Nandini and fights against the Shahs for Nandini. Vanraj gets angry on Anupamaa and screams at her. He has become the same old dominating and arrogant man that he was. He is also angry as he does not like Anupamaa getting close to Dr. Advait Khanna. Seeing Anupamaa getting close to Advait has made him feel jealous, so much that he even insults Advait when he had come for Nandini and Samar's engagement. He is very sure that Anupamaa won't be able to survive without him and this time it's more of a challenge than a concern. He even tells Kavya that he can get any job that he wants very easily, but Kavya was quick to reply that she has been hearing this for the past seven months.

She even asked him why the divorce is bothering him so much when Anupamaa is enjoying every bit of her life. She also informed him that her and Aniruddh's divorce date has come and that they should get married in the resort itself. Later Vanraj is seen questioning Anupamaa about her growing closeness with Advait. However, Anupamaa will be seen getting angry and she will clearly tell Vanraj that her and Advait's relation is clean and pure. She will feel bad about Vanraj's disgusting behaviour and will also ask him to stay out of her life.

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