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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actress Nehha Pendse REACTS on rumours of quitting the popular show

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actress Nehha Pendse REACTS on rumours of quitting the popular show

Popular TV actress Nehha Pendse will soon start the shooting of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai along with the entire cast in Surat. The entire cast will shoot in the hotel, where the bio bubble will be created. While fans are super happy with this news, there were rumours that the actress is quitting the popular show as she was not seen in the past few episodes. Nehha has reacted to this news and told ET, "I am not surprised that such rumours are doing the rounds because I was not visible in the last few episodes. Those were episodes which were old and I wasn't a part of those shoots. When the episodes were aired, many people messaged me saying they were missing me on screen. I had to explain to them that I would be back soon. I am very much on board and happy doing my role."

The gorgeous actress also asserted the audience has accepted her character and added, "Initially people used to compare me with the actress who was playing the role before me and it was something I knew would happen. But now people have accepted me well in this role and I have settled in nicely too." Speaking about the shooting in the current scenario of pandemic, Nehha said, "I am excited as well as nervous because shooting at a time like this is risky. But I am sure they will take care of our safety. Also, we will be shooting at a secure location in a bio bubble and everyone who will be going has tested negative for the COVID-19."

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