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Indian Idol 12: Abhijeet Sawant REACTS on the Amit Kumar controversy; says, 'I don’t think people should blame the newcomers'

Indian Idol Season 1 winner, Abhijeet Sawant had slammed the makers of Indian Idol 12 for cashing in on the contestant's background and creating fake love stories and poverty background stories for the contestants to attract the audience. And now, the singer has reacted to the Amit Kumar controversy that happened a couple of days ago. For the unversed, after the show, Amit Kumar revealed that he was asked by the makers to say all good things about the contestants. He also went on to say that he did not enjoy it and wanted to stop the episode. This created a huge controversy. People slammed contestants on social media. And now, Abhijeet has reacted to it. He says it is unfair to compare the newcomers with the legendary Kishore Kumar.

Abhijeet said, "With social media now people are coming out and speaking their mind and saying that they don't want to watch emotional stories and it's the best thing to happen. Eventually, the makers of the show will have to concentrate on music now. I also want to add about the recent Kishore Kumar controversy. The audience needs to understand that he was a legendary singer, and it is impossible for a newcomer to match his talent. We can't compare the new singers with him and there shouldn't be a comparison. These kids are talented, and they are doing fabulous jobs but it's not right for a beginner to be a legendary singer. They have just started their careers. It is unfair to make such comments and ridicule them. And even if the singing goes a little here and there it's fine because that is live singing, and they are new singers. I don't think people should blame the newcomers."

He also slammed the makers for not giving much importance to the performances of the contestants. He said, "I feel the important part of any singing reality show should be singing. But you have to understand whatever stories the reality shows are creating or showing like the love angle, sob stories about the contestants, is because people love to watch this masala. It's not just about the reality shows in our day-to-day life, people are interested in sob stories. The audience loves to watch such stuff apart from singing and that's the reason it's included on the show. It's our duty, the audience's duty, to come forward and say that we don't want to watch these love, masala or emotional stories. The makers will always make something that the audience wants and loves to watch. If they say that they want the music then they will have to go back and make shows only with singing. Like when I also meet people at shows or events, they ask me about contestants who had emotional stories during my journey. Like we had a contestant in our season who was a painter. People remember such stories and they actually walk up to me to ask me about the contestants rather than appreciating their singing talent."

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