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Indian Idol 12: ‘I feel like that cheetah who wouldn’t move to prove he’s the fastest in a dog race,’ says Aditya Narayan to trolls

It's not unusual to see controversies around reality shows. In Indian Idol 12, it seems the controversies started increasing after the recent Kishore Kumar special episodes in which fans slammed the contestants for their 'poor' singing.

In an interview with SpotboyE, host Aditya Narayan was asked about being trolled. He said, "To all those who are trolling and lashing out at me I say, Shashtaang Pranaam to all and God bless you. I feel like that cheetah who wouldn't move to prove he's the fastest in a dog race." He added that sometimes trying to prove your point is an insult to your own intelligence and experience. This is how he felt while defending arguably the best collection of contestants on a reality show. He also said that Indian Idol is the no.1 reality show for 26 weeks running and he does not need to defend it.

Talking about the contestants being trolled, he said it's good that they are getting to know the harsh reality of the world outside the reality show. "As their fans grow, so will the critics. It is inevitable," said Aditya.

In a previous interview to Bollywood Spy, he defended the show and said that the anger of people is due to the cancellation of the IPL. He said, "I think do-teen hafte pehle IPL band hogaya. Uska saara gussa humpe nikal rahe hain (The IPL ended a couple of weeks ago. They are venting their anger at us)." He added that mummy papas have taken over the remote and they are watching Indian Idol. So the younger generation is unhappy. They don't know where to vent their anger.

He had added, "Including myself, I feel this void too. As soon as it struck 7-7.30, I would get on it. I even made those cricket teams on phone apps. Over the last year and this year too, we are consuming anything that comes on TV a little too fervently. Only because we have too much time right now."

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