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Indian Idol 12: Udit Narayan REACTS to the Amit Kumar-Aditya Narayan controversy; calls his son 'childish'

After Anuradha Paudwal, veteran singer Udit Narayan has reacted to Amit Kumar's remarks on contestants of Indian Idol 12 during his visit on the show. Post his visit on the show, the singer said the he was told to praise the participants by the makers irrespective of his opinion. Later, host Aditya Narayan defended the show and also took a sly dig at Amit Kumar in the latest episode of Indian Idol 12. Now Udit has shared his thought criticising new talent is not a right thought and even went on to call his son 'childish'.

The singer told Aaj Tak in Hindi, "I saw Amit's episode, I could see that he enjoyed it (the performances). When you agreed to be on the show, you should not have said such things after coming out. Now, I have said this and I will also be dragged into it like Aditya." Udit also said that Amit has been like a brother to him, and he will talk to him. "We are often invited so we can watch new talent and also polish them, we are also paid for this. This process of learning and teaching continues throughout life. Often, we are not too strict with talent, fearing they may be overwhelmed with negativity."

Speaking about his son, he added, "Aditya is not mature yet. He is childish and emotional. He has been on the show (Indian Idol) for some time and has got attached to it. That is why he got too sensitive. If you see, no one from the platform spoke (about the controversy) and the entire burden came upon Aditya." Udit explained that his son was not at fault and said, "I did not say anything to him as I fear he may go into depression, with so many people already on his case. But I will ask him, once all this is over, why was it that he got caught while everyone else (from the show) remained clean?"

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