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Super Dancer Chapter 4: Contestant Arshiya and choreographer Anuradha's performance forces die-hard Rekha fan Geeta Kapur to get on the dance floor

This week on the 'Bollywood Queens' special episode of Super Dancer Chapter 4, while all the contestants will be seen giving extraordinary tributes to the iconic actresses of the film industry, contestant Arshiya Sharma from Jammu along with her super guru, Anuradha, will steal the limelight with a particularly mesmerising dance item on one of legendary actress Rekha's most iconic songs, Salaam-E-Ishq Meri Jaan, compelling the judges to give a standing ovation for their beautiful act.

Judge Malaika Arora says, "Arshiya, this song is not easy, it is a very difficult song. Rekhaji has a superior quality about her and to see a child perform with such maturity is not easy, Arshiya has done a brilliant job, you are wonderful. I feel blessed and fortunate to be a part of Super Dancer Chapter 4". Terence Lewis will be heard saying, "Ek heroine ki taraha dikhti hai aap, ek adakara jaise. Jitni beautiful aap dikti ho screen pe, utnahi acha dance karleti ho. Arshiya Heroine banneka irada hai kya?" Arshiya couldn't stop smiling after receiving such comments from the judges.

A thrilled Geeta Kapur says, "Arshiya, you are very blessed, very special, gifted and you have got a very nice guru." After witnessing the outstanding dance act, she further added, "People think Bollywood dance is the easiest form of dance, but I feel it is the most difficult one. It is an amalgamation of many things like expressions, movements, grace, and beauty. To express as much as required is an art. Today, we are giving a special tribute to the Bollywood queens and they all have this specialty, jab wo maanch pe aati hai ya screen par aati hai, wo aapko baandh kar rakhti hai. Arshiya, aaj apne hame khada rakha, baandh ke rakha aur kya kamal kiya hai."

Speaking of the legendary actress Rekhaji, Mamaji will reveal one of the hidden facts about Geeta Ma. Some of the older photographs of Geeta Kapur were displayed on screen, in which she bore striking resemblance to Rekhaji, i.e., in the way she dressed and posed.That is when Geeta revealed how she has always looked up to Rekhaji and said, "Dil aur jaan se, I idolize her."

Geeta Kapur will then take to the stage and dance on the same song, Salaam-E-Ishq Meri Jaan, captivating one and all as they won't be able to take their eyes off her.

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