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10 Best Rainy Season Shoes for Womens in India 2022 (Updated) - Shop Now

Best Rainy Shoes for Womens in India 2021. rainy season footwear for ladies bata. Best paragon sandals for women in monsoon. You must check now!

Best Rainy Season Shoes for Womens in India 2021

Best Rainy Season Shoes for Women: If you're among those rare women that believe a woman’s feet should look nearly as good as her face, I’m with you. Imagine those cracked heels and itchy toes during monsoons.

Just the very thought is enough to form me hate this wet weather. But it’s quite possible to stay feet somewhat dry if you are trying.

There’s an enormous collection of the best rainy shoes for ladies this year. Now why this year you'd ask?

Because those days when women would cope with cheapo plastic footwear are gone. Even the snazziest footwear maker in town has affordable rainy shoes.

Here are some superb brands I found, you'll try these out too.

10 Best Rainy Shoes for women India

These brands of best rainy shoes for women also make slippers and sandals for monsoons. Nowadays, they have collections of rainy season footwear. So dive in and take your pick.

1. Paragon

If you’re trying to find something around Rs.200 to Rs.250, choose this amazing brand of footwear from Paragon.

They are a touch basic if you inquire from me but that suits our purpose. They don’t really require much maintenance.

I rank Paragon because the best brand of rainy shoes for girls this year for one main reason. Just check out their sole.

They’re designed for a firm grip on wet and slippery faces. This means, you don’t fall and other people don’t laugh.

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2. Bata

I’ve been wearing rainy season footwear for ladies' bata since school days. and that I desire a schoolgirl even now once I wear one.

Forget taking place memory lane, but Bata rainy shoes for women will certainly assist you to dodge puddles and muddy mess at markets. These are made up of synthetic material and waterproof.

It’s easy to take care of them with an honest shoe brush and a few pieces of polish.

The synthetic material dries up overnight unless you’ve taken your shoes for a true swim. With a touch of brush and polish, they're able to combat the new day.

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3. Sandak

Light and really comfortable, Sandak rainy shoes for girls are made from rubber. they're very supple and you don’t actually feel the load on your feet.

They’ve got shoes and sandals. And with prices around Rs.500 per pair, they're easily affordable. I bought two pairs- a pair of rainy shoes and a sandal.

I’m quite impressed with their sandal straps. They adjust easily therefore the sandal won’t come off easily albeit someone steps on you while boarding a crowded bus or train.

And the Velcro is great quality- doesn’t wear off easily like cheapo stuff.

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4. Liberty

Liberty is one of the simplest and oldest brands of women's rainy shoes. Their collection is large so you'll easily find one to fit your style.

They’ve slippers, sandals, and shoes to beat the monsoons, so you're taking your pick. Usually, I’m a touch cautious about slippers within the season because they have a tendency to interrupt.

And that are often a true nuisance at public places. Even the cobbler can’t fix rubber or plastic-like material.

But it’s different with Liberty brand. Their slippers are rather strong and sturdy enough to require an important beating during monsoons. And if needed, to tackle any roadside Romeos.

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5. Sparx

If you’re a sporty quiet woman, search for Sparx rainy shoes. they need a quite large collection for the monsoons.

These are superb rainy shoes for 2021 if you've got sensitive feet and wish total protection against dirty, contaminated water.

But let me warn you: Sparx rainy shoes are slightly heavy. That’s because they’re made with a touch thicker material to supply that added look after your feet.

Wearing Sparx rainy shoes may be a sure thanks to preventing cracked heels and itchy toes thanks to mycosis that happens when feet remain wet for long.

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6. Metro

And oh for the fashionable ones- Metro. Slightly on the pricier side but not really if you think about the superior material.

Metro shoes are an exquisite monsoon companion especially if you're one among those performing at large corporations.

They are very fashionable. To an extent that folks won’t know you're wearing regular or rainy shoes. Slightly pricey in fact but quality never comes cheap.

Mind you, I said pricey, not expensive. Metro knows no sensible woman will empty her purse just for monsoon's shoes. Superb value for money, if you inquire from me.

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7. Action


Always on the run? Then Action rainy shoes and footwear are your ally. they're designed for action.

Sporty looks in fact but they even have an honest range of rainy footwear like slippers and sandals for everyday use.

And shoes if you favor wearing something more protective. Action rainy footwear comes in various colors and designs so there’s one to match everything in your wardrobe.

Again very affordable and top quality, will see you thru monsoons 2021 and beyond.

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8. Crocs

We all know Crocs so I won’t croon about them. But here’s something you mightn’t know. Crocs rainy wear is beneficial around the year.

Especially if you're the sort who loves sun and sand and sleep in coastal India. They aren’t really expensive as you would possibly believe.

A word of caution: There’s plenty of fake Crocs floating around, made from cheap material and unsafe for the skin and your entire body.

Fake ones can cause accidents. But genuine Crocs from their brand store or online shopping sites or from a really trustworthy shop only.

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9. Khadim’s

Khadim’s has been around for a minimum of 30-40 years if I remember correctly. Even then, Khadim’s rainy shoes were an indicator of top quality.

Wearing them was prestigious since they weren’t easily available those days, like most goodies in India at the time.

Now don’t search for haute couture shoes from Khadim’s. Instead, you’ll find some classic styles that no other rainy shoe maker has in their 2021 collection.

And Khadim’s shoes are still made up of the very best grade material that ensures they're durable and price every Rupee.

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10. Puma

Puma, Puma everywhere. Even our Team India uses Puma cricket bats and sports clothing.

Yes, this international sportswear giant does make waterproof shoes for women. You’ll pay a little more for a good Puma shoe or sandal but don’t worry.

They are worth that price. Every Puma footwear- the original one I mean- comes with a guarantee. Go for a Puma if you will be spending lots of time outdoors during monsoons 2021 and beyond. Puma is truly tough.

They are easy to maintain. A simple wash with some soap and water and they’ll be as good as new again.

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Wrap Up

Listen to ladies: maybe you don’t know this. But during the season, our feet inherit contact with hidden germs and their eggs.

These can cause really bad health problems like bacterial and amoebic infections. Cracked heels are best avoided then are fungal infections between toes.

One tip, remove your footwear when possible during monsoons. It’s better to permit them to dry and obtain some air, even once they aren’t wet.

Germs grow rapidly in monsoon. Another tip: sprinkle or coat the insides of your rainy shoe with some boric acid powder. That kills germs and bad smells.

Caring for our feet is extremely important during rainy seasons in India. That’s why I suggest you purchase rainy shoes and footwear from these best brands in India in 2021.

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