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Pearl V Puri rape case: Anita Hassanandani, Shaheer Sheikh, Karishma Tanna, Ekta Kapoor and other TV celebs extend support after the actor's arrest

Pearl V Puri rape case: Anita Hassanandani, Shaheer Sheikh, Karishma Tanna, Ekta Kapoor and other TV celebs extend support after the actor's arrest

Pearl V Puri's arrest last night came as a huge shock for everyone. He has been accused of raping a girl and has been arrested for the same. Confirming the news to Spotboye, Mumbai Police's DCP Abhishek Trimukhe said, "He has been arrested by Waliv Police Station (Vasai)." A source close to BollywoodBubble had revealed that Pearl has been arrested yesterday (June 4) late-night after a girl and her family filed a rape and molestation case against him in Mumbai and he is in police custody now. The source also added that it probably could be a minor girl who complained against Pearl. Post this new went viral, Pearl V Puri's fans and his friends from the industry have come out in his support. Pearl V Puri's Naagin 3 co-star Anita Hassanandani took to Instagram to share a picture with him and supported him.

She wrote, "Woke up to some nonsensical news bout @pearlvpuri. I know him! It is NOT true ... canNOT be true.... all lies. I'm sure there is more to it. And the truth will be out soon. Love you @pearlvpuri #ISTANDWITHPEARL". Adhvik Mahajan and Ruchikaa Kapoor commented on the post and showed their support for Pearl V Puri.


Krystle D'souza also took to Instagram to show her support for Pearl. She wrote, " I know @pearlvpuri and he is one of the nicest boys I've met in our tv industry. A thorough gentleman. Please don't jump to conclusions on baseless allegations. Let's wait for the truth to come out.#istandwithpearl #PearlVPuri"


Naagin 3 producer and Pearl's friend Ekta Kapoor also strongly supported Pearl through a long post on Instagram. She wrote, "Will I support a child molester or a molester of any kind? But what I witnessed from last night to now, was the absolute low in human depravity. How can humanity go to this level? How can people who are upset with each other, drag a third person into their own fight?

How can a human being take on another human being and do this? After various calls with the child's/girl's mother, who openly said that Pearl was not involved and it's her husband trying to create stories to keep her child and prove that a working mother on a set cannot take care of her kid. If this is true then it is wrong on so many levels! Using an extremely important movement like 'Me Too' frivolously, to get your own agendas met with and mentally torturing a child and making an innocent person guilty. I have no right to decide, the courts will decide who is right & wrong. My opinion only comes from what the girl's mother said to me last night & that is - Pearl is innocent and it is very very sad if people are using various tactics to prove working mothers are unable to take care of their children, because there are predators on the set. I have all the voice notes and messages between the child's mother and me which clearly points to the false allegations being put on Pearl. The film industry is as safe or as unsafe as any other business. To give it a bad name to get your agenda sorted is the lowest form of low ever. If by chance, Pearl is proved innocent, I request people to look more deeply into how the important & much needed movements in today's time, are being used unfairly reducing the gravitas of the situation. May justice prevail! #MayJusticePrevail @pearlvpuri"


Pearl V Puri's friend Karishma Tanna also shared a picture with him and revealed he got bail. She wrote, "Satyamev Jayate. Truth wins and he did win. #gotbail @pearlvpuri #istandwithpearl #truthneverhides #pvp"


Nia Sharma also shared a strong message in support of Pearl. She wrote, "Rape is not a joke, no excuse, no means to come at someone to satisfy a bruised ego. Rape and molestation stories are terrifying and far beyond imagination in India. The real victims die, their stories go unheard, their families are waiting for justice all their lives. Do not belittle them. Do not make a mockery of it. Rape allegations cannot fu**ing be used at will. It Cannot. It should not. @pearlvpuri sorry it happened to you."


Ishita Dutta also supported Pearl V Puri. She wrote, "This news is very very disturbing but I know him well enough to know that something like this Pearl is not capable of doing...I hope and pray this matter is resolved at the earliest. #isupportpearlvpuri



Surbhi Jyoti and Pearl V Puri's sizzling chemistry in Naagin 3 was loved and they shared a good bond in the show. Surbhi also supported Pearl and wrote, "Here's to one of the sweetest person I know. Let's wait for the truth to come out.#istandwithpearl.I'm with you my friend. Stay strong."

Shaheer Sheikh also took to Instagram stories and shared Ekta Kapoor's post. He wrote, "Stay strong brother justice will prevail." Aly Goni also supported Pearl through Instagram stories. Pearl V Puri's Brahamrakshas co-stars also supported him on social media. Check out some of their posts here:


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