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Super Dancer Chapter 4: The 'Yaarana' of THIS contestant and super-guru reminded Neetu Kapoor of the bond between late husband Rishi Kapoor and R.D. Burman

This weekend, Super Dancer - Chapter 4 will welcome veteran actress Neetu Kapoor on the show. All the contestants put up phenomenal acts and impressed the judges. Contestant Saumit Barman aka Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka astounded everyone with his confidence, swag, and moves. Contestant Saumit and super-guru Vaibhav will present an energetic dance performance on a song from one of Neetu Kapoor's all-time popular movies, Yaarana, as the two projected the friendship between a child and a panther. The performance included many memorable moments that drew positive feedback from all of the judges.

Neetu Singh Kapoor will be left quite speechless by this performance and couldn't believe the way Saumit performed those amazing moves at such a young age. The veteran actress will be seen recounting anecdotes about Rishi Kapoor and their friendship with R.D Burman after learning that Saumit is the show's chota Burman.

Neetuji says, "We would go to Burmanji's house, there would be a new tune which he would compose for Rishiji to listen to, only for him to reject it," she reflected. "He would later come to regret it when the song became a hit."

Shilpa Shetty Kundra will also be seen appreciating Vaibhav for his superb choreography. "You have an eye for detailing, and you have used the stage very well. It was no less than a Broadway musical," she says.

The cherry on top will be when Neetu Kapoor asks Saumit to teach her his signature Vathi-coming step. Everyone, notably the judges, were taken aback by her enthusiasm while dancing to the song.

This weekend promises to be a blockbuster tribute to the beautiful Neetu Kapoor's legacy, doesn't it?

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