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Is Shraddha Kapoor’s Film ‘ChaalBaaz In London’ A REMAKE Of Sridevi Starrer ‘ChaalBaaz’?

Shraddha Kapoor is all set to play a double role for the first time in her acting career.

The actress will portray the two central characters in her upcoming movie- ‘Chaalbaaz In London’.

Touted to be a quirky rom-com, the film will be directed by none other than Pankaj Parashar, who had also directed late actress Sridevi’s hit movie ‘ChaalBaaz’ (1989).

Since the movie has been announced, netizens couldn’t help to wonder if the Shraddha Kapoor starrer is a remake of Sridevi’s film. Not only both the movie titles are kind of similar but also both the leading ladies play a double role in their respective films.

Is ‘ChaalBaaz In London’ a reamke of THIS Sridevi starrer?

However, it’s not the case. Recently, talking to TOI, filmmaker Pankaj Parashar clarified that ‘ChaalBaaz In London’ is NOT a remake. He also stated that it’s a new story in a ‘completely different time zone’.

‘ChaalBaaz In London’ director Pankaj Parashar

“We’re not remaking the previous film, but we are attempting a new story in a completely different zone with a new set of characters. It will have a lot of action and a very intense emotional track. As a filmmaker, I love the fact that I have big shoes to fill, he said.

Addressing the comparisons with the cult-classic, he further added, “Chaalbaaz is a part of Sridevi’s legacy now, and hence, we have a tremendous responsibility on our shoulders to live up to the word ‘chaalbaaz’. I cannot rule out comparisons, which people will draw between Shraddha and Sridevi. But when they see the film, they will know that there was no need for that.”

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