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Megha Gupta: Sometimes ice bath in public and sometimes topless has taken people's eye many times, watch

Due to these reasons, Megha Gupta was in the news many times, taking an ice bath in a bikini, dancing in the dark room, hot topless, Megha dress messy
Megha Gupta: Sometimes ice bath in public and sometimes topless has taken people's eye many times, watch

'Kavianjali', 'Kumkum - A Lovely Bandhan', 'Mamta' and 'Cid', 'Yeh Hai Aashiqui', 'Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya', 'Dream Girl', 'Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai', and 'Piya Albela' Actress Megha Gupta, who has worked in TV shows like this, is often in the news due to her hotness. Although Megha Gupta has always played the role of a cultured daughter-in-law or a simple girl in this show, but in real life she is very bold and bold.

Due to these reasons, Megha was in the news many times

Megha Gupta creates panic by sharing her bold photos and videos on her Instagram account. Although sometimes she also shocks people with her antics, due to which she becomes a victim of trolling. Today we will talk about those photos and videos of Megha Gupta, which the users were shocked to see, but because of them, Megha has been in a lot of discussion. But for your information, let us tell you that Megha has kept the comment option of many of her bold photo and video posts private, in which she was called very bad.

Was seen taking an ice bath in a bikini

Meghna Gupta is often in the headlines for her glamorous style. Although this ice bath video of him has been very much discussed. Megha recently shared this video on Instagram. In this video, she is seen taking a bath while sitting in a drum wearing a black bikini. More than 76 people have liked this video of Megha so far.

Was seen dancing in the dark room

Wearing a red ghagra and black choli, Megha recently shared a video. In this video, she was seen dancing in a dark room. In the video, she was seen showing hot moves. People liked this video a lot.

looked very hot topless

Megha Gupta has created a sensation many times by sharing topless photos on Instagram. In these pictures, she is seen taking a bath in the pool. In the second picture, she was seen taking a spay.

Megha was seen in a messy dress

TV actress Megha Gupta celebrated her 36th birthday on 13 May. On this special occasion, she created panic on social media by sharing a very hot photo of her for her fans. In the photo, she was seen wearing a yellow outfit, but the actress's dress was seen sliding down from the shoulders, she was in disarray showing her back side and got a lot of applause.

when the dogs fell behind

Megha Gupta does not leave any opportunity and any place for a workout. He is very conscious about fitness. But once while working out in the forest, 6 dogs fell behind him. Megha shared the experience of being run by 6 dogs on Instagram and told that she felt that she would not be able to reach home alive today.

In the headlines due to personal life

Megha is the sister of Amrapali Gupta and Aditi Gupta. Megha married TV actor Siddhant Karnik in 2016 but they parted ways after a few days of marriage. Megha and Siddhant met in 2015 at a friend's party. Megha's second marriage with Siddhant was earlier, Megha was married to Aditya Shroff, but in the year 2014, both of them got divorced. After this Megha married Siddhant and now after 4 years both of them got divorced. After the breakup of the marriage, Megha has settled from Mumbai to Goa.

Megha was last seen in this show

Megha Gupta was last seen in the TV show 'Ayushmann Bhava:' as the domestic character of 'Sameera'. In this show, she was always seen in sari or other traditional attire. Apart from this show, she has won the hearts of people by becoming a cultured daughter-in-law in many shows. However, something else appears in his Instagram photos and videos. Megha Gupta made her TV debut in the year 2004 with the TV show 'Kusum'. Megha was seen in the role of Fake Kumud Kapoor in this show.

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