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Raj Kundra’s lawyer claims vulgar content can’t be classified as porn

Shilpa Shetty’s husband has been sent to judicial custody until July 23 after he was arrested by Mumbai Police on grounds of circulation of pornographic films on mobile applications. On Tuesday, in the highly controversial Raj Kundra pornographic case, Kundra’s lawyer argued in court that classifying “vulgar content” as pornography is improper.

Raj Kundra's lawyer claims vulgar content can't be classified as porn

He further objected to the application of Section 67A of the Information Technology Act to the transmission of obscene content in electronic form, as well as other parts relating to pornography, because these laws classify “actual intercourse” as porn and the remainder as “vulgar content.”

According to the reports, the lawyer went on to defend the content saying that the investigating officers are keeping an eye on what’s popular on the internet these days: vulgar content. It is not, however, considered pornographic. According to the lawyer, no scene depicts two people engaging in sexual activity, hence, it cannot be classified as porn.

He further claimed that Kundra’s arrest was not made in accordance with the law, arguing that an arrest should only be made when the inquiry cannot proceed without it. In this case, however, the accused was forced to cooperate with the inquiry after his arrest. Kundra has requested anticipatory bail in the case, and the police have stated that they have found no evidence of Kundra’s wife, Shilpa Shetty, being involved.

Businessman Raj Kundra, was arrested on Monday for allegedly creating pornographic content and distributing it using mobile applications. Along with his partner Ryan Tharp, he has been placed in judicial detention until July 23.

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