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Vikrant Massey-Kriti Kharbanda REVEAL Their College RAGGING Stories!

Kriti Kharbanda and Vikrant Massey’s ‘14 Phere’ movie is receiving much love and appreciation from the audience.

The love story in the film kickstarts from a ragging incident – so, during an interview, the lead couple was asked about their college days.

Vikrant Massey, Kriti Kharbanda in 14 Phere

Kriti Kharbanda shared her experience – how she eventually ended up dating the guy that she had fought with during the initial days of college!

“Even though I never faced ragging in college and actually I went to college only for six months as I started acting, modelling since then…I had an experience of how a fight turned into dating! On the first day of my college, in our class, one of the guys did some irritating things and me being me, got into an argument followed by a fight and my friends were like, `Jaane de yaar`…and we walked away from the situation,” Kriti told the media.

From fighting to dating – says Kriti Kharbanda on her college experience

She continued further, elaborating on how both of them ended up having mutual friends, who would then step in to stop the chaos and fighting.

“On the same day, in the evening, all my friends gathered at a cafe in Indira Nagar (Bangalore) and he was also there with his gang of boys! We also realised that we have so many friends in common! I started fighting again and I said how irritating he is etc and he got into argument again…of course, friends were also there to control both of us. The funny part is, eventually we ended up dating for few months! Can you believe that? So yes, I love my college days!”

I was a trained dancer in Shiamak Davar’s group – says Vikrant

On the other hand,  Vikrant wowed his seniors at RD National College, Bandra, with his kickass dance skills! Our Mr Massey was a trained dancer in the Shiamak Davar’s group! Whoa…

Vikrant commented – “You know when you start trimming your beard and wearing full pants, as a boy you start feeling like the king of the world. I was no exception so I also did ragging of my juniors but in college, my seniors also ragged me. I was asked by my senior to dance, but it was so easy for me because I am a trained dancer and I danced in Shiamak Davar dance group. So I danced on ‘Mohabbat Karle’ and eventually all of them became my friends!”

‘14 Phere’ is currently streaming on Zee5 platform.

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