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Ayushmann Khurrana REVEALS What He’d Done If He Didn’t Succeed As An Actor!

The self-made Bollywood actor, Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the most popular and loved celebrities of the industry.

However, Ayushmann did have to struggle to become what he is today and he recently revealed his alternate career plans if not acting on Arbaaz’s talk show, Pinch 2.

Ayushmann Khurrana to spend Christmas and New Year with family in Chandigarh | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

The actor says, ‘I Was Ready To Sing At Birthdays‘ if he had not become a successful actor. The actor also talked about the importance of scripts and how it is the most important thing.

The actor launched his biography, Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood, in 2015, which is just 3 years after his Bollywood debut, Vicky Donor. While on the show, Arbaaz Khan read out tweets that criticized Ayushmann for writing an autobiography so early on in his career.

Replying to the tweets, Ayushmann said, “After my first film, I starred in three back-to-back flops. People had written me off, and I was ready to move back to Chandigarh. I was going through a phase where I had time on my hands to write a book, so I wrote it.

He added, “But now I’m at a stage where I don’t have time to write a book, and work is also going well. Nothing was working out at that time. I had to do something to make it work. I had a band, named Ayushmann Bhava; I used to do concerts. I thought even if my films don’t work, I could sing at birthdays, I’d dance, I’d entertain people somehow, I’d write a book. I was thinking of all the things I could do if my films don’t work. You just need to make it work somehow, that’s an artist’s job.”

On the work front, Ayushmann is currently shooting for Doctor G in Bhopal.

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