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Naver webtoon to create more BTS and HYBE artist content

After BTS’s comic “Save Me” on webtoon, South Korea’s top portal operator Naver Corp., will now be expanding to create more new and original content by collaborating with K-pop sensation-BTS’s agency, HYBE Co. once again.

Naver webtoon to create more BTS and HYBE artist content

According to Yonhap tabloid, Webtoon Entertainment said that they will be creating several locally made web comics and intellectual property content based on BTS and other K-pop artists under their management company, Hybe Co. In an online press conference, CEO Kim Jun-koo said, “We aim to expand and grow our storytelling content into the core of the entertainment industry through cooperation with global content firms.”

He also said that they will be majorly focusing on digital comics whose demand has been increasing as they are hugely being adapted into films and TV shows by global video streaming service platforms, such as Netflix.

The company also revealed that U.S. comics giant DC Entertainment will partner in the venture. Webtoon was launched in 2004, by Naver Corp., but it expanded globally in 2014. Naver established Wattpad Webtoon Studios by merging Naver Webtoon Studio and Wattpad Studio which is considered the biggest global web novel platform, which Naver acquired in May.

With more than 6 million creators are registered with the platforms, monthly average users of the two platforms exceed 167 million.

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