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When Randeep Hooda Drastically Lost 18 KGS In 28 DAYS For Sarbjit Movie!

Randeep Hooda truly is a dedicated actor who has never shied away from going the extra mile for his performance!

In Sarbjit movie, he did full justice to the role with his haunting portrayal of Sarbjit Singh, an Indian farmer who gets detained in Pakistan jail for 23 years!

Did you know that Randeep had to undergo quite a drastic transformation to pull off the skeletal prisoner look – that too within a month? That’s right!

He somehow managed to lose an astonishing amount of 18 KGS in merely 28 days by surviving on a horrific diet of just 500-600 calories per day allegedly!

Randeep Hooda’s drastic transformation

To further immerse himself completely in the pathetic plight of the character – Randeep spent days isolating himself in a dummy jail with bare minimum food. He also chained himself in heavy handcuffs weighing 2.5 kg on each hand reportedly! 

The tragic role played havoc on his mental health as well. Randeep revealed that he had to keep telling himself – “Look, you did not go through 23 years of your life in prison, you did not go through all that hardship, you did not go through solitary confinement”.

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