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“Casting Director Said It’s A Norm To Pay Men More…”; Sayani Gupta On Pay Disparity In Bollywood!

Sayani Gupta was recently seen in Kaali Peeli Tales streaming on Amazon Mini TV.

The actress also stole hearts with her performance in Four More Shots Please and fans have been patiently waiting for the 3rd season of the series.

In a recent interview, Sayani opened up about the longtime pay disparity dispute with respect to Bollywood. She referred to the fact that her male co-stars get paid more than her.

Sayani says, I have been told that the male counterparts get more in the same shows that I am being part of. I do not know, and of course, none of us really go and discuss how much we are getting paid. Kirti Kulhari and I are in the same project, but we do not know how much individually we are making. I think that would be extremely unprofessional to discuss. That is like a bit of a no-go zone, we don’t really know.”

The actress lastly added, “There is no balance sheet coming out that we can refer to, and check and say, ‘Oh, this one is getting this much. I am paid this much’. I have been told by one casting director that it is a norm, apparently, to pay men more than women. But, having said that, we do not know. We do not have access to that kind of information.”

However, on the other hand, Sayani’s Four More Shots Please co-star Kriti Kulhari recently mentioned in an interview that she apparently gets paid more than her male counterparts.

“In my opinion, as I understand, the projects that I am a part of and the projects that I am leading; I think I am paid more than my male counterparts. For sure. I do not know the numbers, but (this is) the general idea that I have. Shows that I am leading, I am surely getting paid either the most or at least more than my male counterparts,” Kriti says.

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