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Kunal To Launch Production House With THIS BIOPIC?

Kunal Kapoor is known for his brilliant roles so far and he was widely loved for his role in The Empire Series.

Now, as per reports, Kunal Kapoor is all set to launch a production house of his own.

Not just this, the actor has also decided on the first project that he will be working on in his production house.

In a recent interview, Kunal said, “I’ve been writing stories since my days as an assistant director. And I would love to bring those stories to life not only as an actor but also as a producer and director. As an actor, you have little control over what stories you get a chance to tell. You can only choose from what you are offered and you’re part of someone else’s vision. But as a producer, you have a chance to bring your own vision to life.”

I’ve spent the last couple of years developing some scripts for my production house and I’m excited to bring my vision to the screen. As an actor you are part of someone else’s vision, as a producer and writer you get a chance to put your own vision out there,” he added.

Kunal Kapoor will be working on the biopic of Shiva Keshavan, a six-time Winter Olympian and the first Indian representative to compete in luge at the Winter Olympic Games also known as, ‘India’s Fastest Man on Ice.’

Shiva Keshavan

On being asked why he chose this story, Kunal says, “He is an amazing athlete. What drew me to Shiva Keshavan was not only the fact that he has represented India in the Olympics six times, but that it was also a story about the spirit of India and the incredible things we manage to achieve with limited resources. It’s a story of resilience and the path less taken; it’s also a celebration of our culture and diversity.”

After The Empire, Kunal Kapoor was seen in Ankahi Kahaniyaan. Reflecting on that, Kunal Kapoor shared, “As an actor, it’s very satisfying to have your work reach out to so many people globally with OTT platforms. I’ve had two releases on different platforms in the last couple of weeks. I am just so overwhelmed with the kind of love I have been getting for ‘The Empire’ till now. And happy that people are enjoying my work in Ankahi Kahaniyaan as well. Shooting during the pandemic has been very challenging, but the reactions we have got have made it all worth it.”

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