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No celebrations this year, says Lata Mangeshkar

As the Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar turns 92 on September 28 she is no mood for birthday celebrations. “What is there to celebrate?” she asks. “It has been one more year of the pandemic. It is my second birthday after Coronavirus hit us. Given the circumstances the greatest gift is that I’ve my loved ones, my family close to me. There are people out there who haven’t seen their parents, their children for more than a year. Aise waqt mein kaun cake and candle ke baare mein sochta hai? (Who think about birthdays at a time like this).”

No celebrations this year, says Lata Mangeshkar

Lataji’s birthday wish this year: “I want the virus to leave our lives. Maybe it is no longer a killer. But the aftershocks of recession and depression are driving many into depression. The past one and a half year has changed our lives completely. Let’s not take our health and our loved ones for granted. Every moment with those who matter in our lives is precious.”

The supreme songstress thanks her stars that she has her family with her this birthday. “My brother, my sister and my sister-in-law are all with me. I think I am very fortunate. I want all my fans and well-wishers to keep loving me. It is their good wishes that have kept me going for so long.”

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