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Bigg Boss 15: Do you feel that Rashami Desai's support for Tejasswi Prakash has been counter-productive? Vote Now

Bigg Boss 15 is one season that has not managed to connect with the masses like its predecessors. But there is one couple that is trending daily on social media. It is Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash. The hashtag #TejRan is getting immense love from everyone. Now, Tejasswi Prakash has got Rashami Desai inside the house. The two are good friends from outside. When she came in, Tejasswi spoke about how she never felt that Rashami and she would ever be inside the Bigg Boss house. She asked her about TejRan in the outside world. Rashami Desai also said that she spoke to her parents.

Now, Rashami Desai told Tejasswi Prakash that she has only been discussing clothes and jewellery with her. She said it was Tejasswi Prakash's weakness in the game. She did not feel so. After all, it is quite normal for contestants to discuss daily wardrobe/ Weekend Ka Vaar costumes with their close friends inside the house. Rashami Desai also said that Tejasswi Prakash is very friendly and does not project a clear personality. Now, even her detractors will agree that Tejasswi Prakash sacrificed her clothes when they were outside. She is one of the few who expresses her point of view rather clearly.

What Rashami Desai was trying to say did not come across as clearly. Tejasswi Prakash also said that she has a superiority complex as she has seen the game from outside. She also called her a girgit for the clothes/jewellery comment. It is obvious that Tejasswi Prakash is not happy with how Rashami Desai is projecting her. Do you feel that their past relationship will be a liability for Tejasswi Prakash in the game?

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