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How to Get Featured in our Webpage

How to get featured in our webpage Bgs Raw Dot In. How to publish my interview in Bgs Raw, How to publishes my article, how to publish my stories
How to Get Featured in our Webpage - Bgs Raw

Hello creator, we appreciate your interest in getting featured by Bgs Raw Dot In, who was known as the best portal for digital creators in 2020-2021 to establish a first impression among the followers on the internet. We have made it possible for so many creators to make a huge fan following by featuring them in our digital magazine but currently, we have discontinued emagazine and started digital covers to get a wider and interesting niche audience from the top cities in India.

In this blog, we like to provide you with some important information, which has been regularly asked by the user on our Instagram handles. How to get a feature? or How to publish my interview?

So to get featured in our webpage ecosystem you have to just fill out with some information in our online form, with basic information about you and your experience, collaborations, things you have done, etc. By this, we learned something about you which helped us better interact with you in the chat session.

We need this information because you may be a rising creator and we may not get more information about you from your pages.

So the interview we published on the page needs the attention of graphics and designs etc, which create bills. So we have kept a small contribution system or so-called 'self-sponsored content' so that all the tasks are performed smoothly for both of us.

Benefits of getting featured with Bgs Raw

So, till now we have done more than 30 interviews with the rising creators, who were never known to the internet or never published in any media. Where we Bgs Raw Dot In, finds such talented creators and helped to get them featured and to create their own career in establishing as a star creator by publishing their interviews and they are doing good on social media as of now. And also they are getting recognized by a vast audience. We have noticed their social media growth too, and we are happy about it.

Conclusion: If you have any query do let us know in the comment below.

Bikram covers entertainment, culture, interviews. While he is also the owner and founder of Bgs Raw Media. Find me on Twitter @bikramkrsingh1

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