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Now you make a Hotel like Besan Ka Laddoos at home, for any festival, check recipes

Now you make a Hotel like Besan Ka Laddoos at home, for any festival, check recipes

Hello friends, today we have brought you the recipe of besan laddoo.


  • Besan : (2 cups)
  • Sugar powder : (3/2 cup)
  • Ghee/Oil : Tbsp
  • Water: 1/2 cup
  • Cashews: 6
  • Almonds: 6
  • Pasta: 6
  • Cardamom powder: 1/2 tsp


Step: 1 First of all, put a pan on the gas and fill it with 1 tbsp and add the ghee

Step: 2 Then filter the besan with a filter and put it in it| And take him to roast on a low flame.

Step: 3 And put the rest of the ghee in the middle again and then roast it until it  brown

Step 4: And now you will see that when the besan is roasted, it will automatically start releasing ghee

Step: 5 Then put a little dash in it and mix it, making it your laddoos grainy.

Step: 6 Then add dry fruits (almonds, cashews, pasta) and mix it with | And then remove it in a plate and leave it to cool.

Step: 7 After cooling, add the cardamom powder and sugar powder and mix it well.

Step: 8 And if you find it less oil, add a little more oil to it and mix it well.

Step: 9 And now we start making laddoos, so now take a little besan on the hand and press it around and round it.

Step: 10 When the laddu is round, apply it on whatever dry fruits you like and press it lightly| And then press the laddoo so that the dry fruits are well set.

Step: 11 Then, loosen the hand, turn the laddoo around so that the laddoos become smooth from all sides.

Step 12 And here we have a laddoo ready and | Make the rest of the laddoos in the same way.

Step: 13 And leave it open for an hour so that the laddoo is set| And here our laddoos are ready.

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