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Kaju katli made in restaurant style, for every festival

How to make Kaju katli, best for every festivals
Kaju katli made in restaurant style, for every festival

Hello friends, today we have brought you the recipe for Kaju Katli - A very delicious sweet.



  • 300 grams of Kaju nuts 
  • 300 g sugar 
  • 250 grams milk silver work 
  • Ghee (for making ice cream) pot


Step: 1  First of all, prepare a paste by mixing Kaju and milk together.

Step: 2 Add sugar to the paste and cook on low flame. When the sugar dissolves, bring the mixture to a boil one more time. 

Step: 3  Keep stirring the mixture on medium flame. When the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan and becomes like dough, take it off the heat.

Step: 4 Take it out on a greased vessel. Keep setting into about 1/8 thick pieces. 

Step: 5 Apply silverwork from above and keep it to cool down. Cut into a diamond shape and serve.

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