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A Shopaholic With an Eye for clothes - Sonal Shared her Journey blogger from assam north-east

Hey Folks! In another series of featuring we have Sonal Kurmi with us, she is a Fashion, Beauty & Travel Influencer based in Kolkata and currently pursuing her undergraduate course in pharmaceutical science from Assam University.

During the chat, she has answered more about insights into the blogging and influence of the industry. Let you read the conversation below.

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
Hi, myself Sonal Kurmi, a Fashion blogger based in Kolkata- India. I’m also known as ‘SHE_TRULY_MADLY’, which is my official Instagram handle name. I’m a final year student perusing Bachelors in pharmaceutical sciences from Assam University, Silchar.

Q. How did you inspire to be a fashion blogger?
I have always been a shopaholic with an eye for clothes, accessories, and shoes that can stand-out in terms of Looks and Fashion. I started posting on Instagram, just documenting my personal style and #OOTDs, my adventures and places I visited and sharing them with the world, over the internet and it naturally progressed into fashion blogging, which gives an outlet for my interest in fashion, and that’s how I end up becoming a FASHION BLOGGER haha!!!!

Q. How long are you involved in this work and how’s your experience?
SOo, I’ve been blogging since the last one year. I started blogging as a hobby, and soon it turned into a passion and later a profession. The journey has been great so far. The amount of love and appreciation I’ve been getting from my lovely audience just can’t be explained in words.

Q. Any hardship you face as a creator?
Yessssss alottttttt ….!!! Being a medical student and a blogger as well isn’t that easy as it seems. I have to travel a lot attend store launch, promote brands, fix slots for the photoshoot, and at the same time have to fix my schedule for studies and shit for exams. There’s a lot of pressure but it’s all relaxed in the end as soon as you get the results of your hard work.

Q. Have you ever joined any fashion show or plan for the future?
Naaaahhhh…Not yet. But I would love to be a part of in future.

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Q. What is your goal & the future plan?
Well, honestly I can say that I am living my dream but also I’m not much happy with the payments by the brands lately. I definitely want blogging to become my full-time profession but unless I’m 100% sure about the outcome I can’t take the risk of quitting my job. So, for now, I would join the pharmaceutical industry & also continue blogging.

Q. How do you arrange your shoots for contents.
I always keep searching for ideas online and then tweak it my own way. My younger brother Rahul who’s just 13; has been my greatest support system. The amazing pictures you see on my feed are all taken by him. Bit surprising haahhh??? I know I know he’s too small but does it in a professional way at this age so that is the reason I never felt the need to work with photographers much till now. If there’s any conceptual shoot/ad who’s idea attracts me, that’s when I say yes to any proposal.

Q. You have come to the spotlight through daily prints as we noticed. Let us know your parent’s and friends’ reactions.
My family and friends already know about this, and trust me they are the ones who have supported me throughout this journey. I always seek for their advice if I’m stuck at some point. My friends always keep appreciating & encouraging me especially my besties Rishab, Rashmi, Shibo really feel proud for me and they just can’t keep calm if any big opportunity is coming my way. ❤️

Q. Besides blogging and influencing, what you do in your spare time?
There’s soo much of it. Hanging out with friends, spending quality time with family members, completing assignments, arranging my wardrobe or cleaning up my room, shopping, sleeping, watching movies on Netflix or amazon prime, cooking, etc, etc


Q. What was the most memorable moment of your social presence?
I do get too many DMs asking me to meet them for once if I visit their town and some of they just want to hug me or take a selfie with them as a part of memory. But it actually happened to me one day & it was just unforgettable and the sweetest memory ever. I was almost in tears.

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Q. How do you recommend Bgs Raw an online magazine?
The best platform to know about your favorite bloggers. And please do not miss the chance if you ever had the opportunity to write your interview for Bgs Raw.

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about fashion and blogging?
First of all “ALL THE VERY BEST” because this is gonna be a tough but interesting & memorable journey. I’m sure whichever niche you choose be it fashion or beauty or travel you might have something running in your head which has driven you to this platform. So just keep it raw and express it the way you want it to be. Rest depends on your hard work if it’s really worth it then brands will automatically pitch you.

Q. You have collaborated with many brands right. So tell me how was your experience.
It’s always a great opportunity to work with well-known brands and I feel very blessed. I’ve started blogging a year ago but the response has been crazy.

Hope to work with more amazing brands in the future.

Q. When did you first collaborate with the brand and what was all about?
Damn… still remember the day !!! My first collaboration was with Daily Objects Official and i was offered a barter collaboration to promote their phone cases. I was given a discount code of my own name for providing 15% off to my followers on any purchase they make from their website.

The first step to enter the blogging world.

Q. As today most of the bloggers come on Instagram to become stars or influencers and to earn. So how can you suggest your views to help them out?
Ummmmm … please do keep this thing in mind that why you’ve chosen this platform and how you gonna influence people and make them love you.

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Do not run after followers, just focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY !! And the results will be in front of your eyes. Most importantly PLEASE IGNORE HATE COMMENTS. You’ll have to learn to ignore criticism to survive on this platform. Trust me by the time you start getting fame there will be a bunch of jealous people around who’ll be ready with their fingers on the keypad to write something worse than expected on your posts.

Q. Any message for our audience?
THANKYOU 🙏🏻 I wouldn’t have been able to come this far without you all.

Keep blessing. Keep supporting.

Q. So before ending our chat, we like to know how are you spending your time in this lockdown?
Eating a lot and gaining weight. Hahahahhahahaah

Q. What is your style mantra?
Keep it simple & classy

Q. The most talked sense of you?
My sense of balance between sensuousness and values.

Q. The most used dress in every shoot?
Black tube top

Q. What do you think people are curious about you?
How much I earn through blogging

Q. Do you love street food? What are the dishes?
I love it !!! Golgappa, momo !!! Yummmmm 👌🏻

Q. The most pick up line used by you?
“Beta baap ko mat sikha”😆

Q. Define Bgs Raw in one sentence?
Loads of love for giving me this opportunity.

Some Pic from Sonal’s Gallery
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Sonal Kurmi - She truly madly fashion blogger of assam and kolkata

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