After getting basic information I started ‘Uzi World Digital’ – Ujwal Sharma – Bgs Raw


After getting basic information I started 'Uzi World Digital' - Ujwal Sharma

Ujwal is only 17 years old guy, who started his entrepreneurship in digital marketing. Recently we talk to him and got to know more about his initiative he named it as Uzi World Digital. We interact with him and had a conversation, you can read the whole interview below.

Q. Let us start from knowing about you
I’m Ujwal Sharma, being just 17 years old I have achieved the title of Youngest Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer of Kolkata by Disrupt magazine. I just appeared for my class 10 board exams and the results are yet to come.
I run a Digital Marketing company popularly known as “Uzi World Digital”.
I’m the Founder and CEO of the company. I’m also the Founder and CEO of  Equally Bright Travels Inc.

Q. Building a brand is not that easy, so let us know what is your brand strategy?
First of all when someone is starting with his/her brand first thing is that they must clear about their niche and future contributions towards their customers and clients.
Money is one of the most important factors to build up a brand and a perfect strategy will give it a boost.
I independently started it as a Digital Marketing Agency and slowly we moved it to many more Categories like influencer management, Artist management, Events, Press release, and many more.
Having allrounder services makes us more pop up in the digital marketing world. And yes when you are doing the work perfectly then definitely you are going to get clients.
We have taken our time to grow and the results are awesome

Q. When did this idea call you out for the startup?
I was in boarding school, and suddenly I meet with a knee injury. My parents took me to home and yes sitting lonely was not working so I started up with Google Digital Unlocked certification and yes I completed it. After getting lots of basic information about Digital Marketing, I started thinking of a new company that would serve people as Digital Marketing services. So on 25th August 2019 I started up with my Instagram page.
And we started growing slowly and took the pace to our startup by February 2020.
We now have more than 999+ happy customers worldwide.

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Q. As you have already started your marketing in 2019, how was the experience.
Leading Digital Marketing Company might sound good, but when it comes to competition in the market that the main and difficult task when we can come out with an extraordinary Service and grab our space in the market. My experience till now is like There where hard as well as good times working in this field. I took Social Media Certification by Hubspot Academy I started with boosting social media accounts which were my best experience to date.
Working for a press release is another difficult task. However, being a school student I managed my self to grow my company and having a quiet excellent experience as a Founder and CEO.

Q. How do you onboard the influencer?
The influencer firstly joins us with the hope that they will get brands. Basically this the main reason when a Creator or influencer joins a Marketing Company.
We firstly take up the emerging as well as the best influencers all around.
And even those who are freshers we too join them with us and make them understand how this works.
We create brand promotions by building a good relationship with a particular brand and then we make our influencer collaborate with them to further promote the brands.
And this way this influencer Marketing continues.
Till the influencers are our Partner we would provide them with brand collaborations.
We also give the exact response and help to the micro-influencers.

Q. Let us know the business model of influencing, which means how you approach the brand to get sponsored and how do you share those work or collaborate with the influencers.
When there are needs the brands join hands with the Marketing Companies to get their stuff promoted by the influencers or creators.
The brands do have categories like if the brand for female then they would demand the Female influencers, I the brand is travel related then they will demand Travel bloggers.
This way the brands ask for their product or stuff to get promoted by influencers.
We take their requests and find the particular influencer best for the collaboration and tie up the connection with the brand and the creator/influencer.
Some times we need to approach the brands to start collaborating with our creators and some time brands themselves come and approach us for influencers.
This way this process goes on.

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Q. What’s the biggest budget have you set for the brands and for the influencers?
The biggest budget we have set till now for a brand collaboration within the brand and influencer is INR 15,000 approx.
Even our Bigo collaboration would allow an influencer to earn more than INR 50,000

Q. With how many brands have you already worked and what were the assignments.
14+ International Brands
25+ Indian brands
The assignments for the brands to the influencer are the brand sends a particular product directly to the influencer to promote their products through their social media accounts.
With the help of Posts, stories, Videos, and many more.
The Brands some time deals in Paid Partnerships and some time in barter collaboration.

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Q. I have heard the barter collaboration and paid campings topics on social media. Can you tell us about the barter collaboration, and how this can benefit any collaborators?
Brands contact Influencers or Influencers contact brands or brands contact Marketing Companies. Brands come up with Barter collaborations where they send the Influencer products in return of an honest (or sometimes dishonest) review. The influencer gets to keep the product for free and the brand gets exposure to the Influencer’s audience.
Here in barter collaboration the influencer gets only the product by the brand.

Whereas Paid Partnerships or Paid collaboration are more better and powerful.
As the brand sends the product for reviews and even pays the particular influencer for the endorsement of the product on their Social Media account.
This way the Barter and Paid collaboration works.

Q. We also glad to know how you came to know about Bgs Raw – a live magazine.
We have our influencer Partner Shubham Bharti who was Featured on Bgs Raw- a live magazine. We recently worked on his Press Release and came through your website and blogs and we literally liked the content and posts on your website and even Social Media Platforms. So we connected with you.

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Q. How many of you working in your team? Also, let us know the total active influencers you have.
There are 30 Influencer Partners who are basically linked with us for further promotions. And rest 20-25 normal influencers are active with us who are not officially our members but we provide them with barter collaboration.
ujwal sharma
Q. You have done the courses on digital marketing before coming online, so which of those have you enrolled.
1. Google Digital Unlocked
2. eMarketing Institute of Online Marketing Fundamental
3. eMarketing Institute E-Commerce
4. eMarketing Institute of Social Media Marketing
5. Hubspot Academy Social Media Certified.
6. SM study Digital Marketing Fundamentals
7. EDUCBA SEO Certification

Q. So how will you recommend Bgs Raw’s online presence, through your audience?
We would share the website and Social media links to our influencers and will even connect influencers with Bgs Raw.

Q. Can we expect any deals or collaboration through your brands in the future?
Yes of course we would recommend our influencers about this. And in the future, we will merge Uzi World Digital × Bgs Raw for collaborations.

Q. What are your parent’s reactions to your startup?
My Father didn’t react anything to this but yes my mother was happy with this because this was an Rs.0 startup. And yes My mother was always being supportive to me.
My parents never said anything related to this because I know what they want from me being a student I get them good results in my schools and being a CEO I need to work smarter not harder to give my self an independent life.



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