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Be your own fan before becoming a fan of someone else's- Manav Jangra

Manav Jangra aka MJ, is a fashion influencer and a blogger. He tries to connect with new people and give them the best advice and product reviews on fashion, essentials, and lifestyle which peoples love. He recently researching men’s essentials and their wardrobes in a pocket-friendly style. Also, he has started giving grooming tips and fashion hacks plus outfit inspiration. Let know more from him;

Tell us something about yourself?
Hi, this is Manav Jangra aka MJ. I am a fashion influencer and lifestyle blogger. Most importantly, a B.Tech student pursuing my career in Mechanical Engineering. I am from Rewari, a very well known district of Haryana. I try to connect with new people and share my opinions/ reviews on fashion, essentials, and lifestyle which are good for them. I’m recently researching men’s essentials and their wardrobes which are pocket friendly.

How was your journey as an influencer?
I have recently started my journey again as an influencer.

Let us know the hardship you face in this field.
As you know, I’ve lost my account in 2018, it was a huge loss. I made a comeback in 2019 starting everything from zero. It was really tough to achieve all the love and respect I had for my previous account.

When did you first come upon a digital platform, and how did you get to learn all about influencing?
The day, when I joined Instagram back in 2017. I used to follow the famous celebrities and influencers who always have been in trends. So, I got strongly influenced by them and it was my turning point.

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Let us know your strategy of marketing online and influencing.
The strategy is that when I was a newcomer I approached brands on my own (not the big established brands). Gradually, brands started approaching me on their own! Basically, I did several types of collaborations, namely barter collaborations as well as paid collaborations.

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As you mentioned that you have lost an account with 13k followers, how this happened. Because as an influencer everything depends on the audience and losing those is a huge loss.
With my previous account, I had several collaborations with various brands and digital platforms, but, there was a private digital company ( don’t wanna mention) which approached me on its own, I signed up with their complementary app and my account got pirated. I had reported it but it was of no use. That’s when I lost my account. It was certainly a huge loss!

What are your patents’ reactions?
I interacted with them promising to have a comeback with a stable profile. Understanding my situation, they got agreed.

Let us know your goals?
I want to represent my country internationally, work with top established brands, and provide my family with social and financial growths with each passing day.

So till now, how many brands have you collaborated with? How was the experience with them?
Till now I have collaborated with 10-15 brands using my present account. Currently, I’m working with several more brands, online campaigns to make my lockdown productive.

How can you guide the interested newcomer to get on to social media, and start earning? Tips will help the audience
I just want to tell that it would be really tough at the beginning. But be regular for your audiences and keep working hard and smart, of course. One pro tip for all the beginners, choose a niche for yourself, and don’t entangle yourself in various directions simultaneously.

This day most of the influencers work for free brand collaboration. So we like to get a reaction to this.
It’s quite boostful for the beginners as more talented people come forward without having stressed about finances. So, they’re good. I support them.

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How will you recommend Bgs Raw an online magazine, featuring creators?
I would like to say, it’s a great platform. I came to know about it through social media only. It seems to be genuine and trustworthy.

Any message you want to convey to our audience?
I always use my own tagline- “Be your own fan before becoming a fan of someone else’s”. People can dm me on Instagram for any queries, I’m super active there.

Also, tell how did you spend your time in the crisis covid19 lockdown.
I try to interact with brands online; I try my photoshoots at home, you can refer to my Instagram profile too; I keep a check over influencers on a regular basis.



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