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Decide to make my career, when I saw Alex Costa - Akhand Pratap Singh bgs raw interviews

What happens if you are not allowed to live your passion. Whats happens if you have interest but have no knowledge of the work. So in this interview, we have introduced fashion blogger Akhand Pratap Singh, from Delhi. He is a fashion influencer and a digital marketer who has dealt himself to face the hardship to come to the platform. He has collaborated with more than 150 brands. Readout the conversation below:

Exclusive Interview with Akhand Pratap Singh

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
I’m 20 years old Delhi based Fashion and lifestyle blogger and content creator. I worked with 150 plus brands.

Q. How did you inspire to be a fashion blogger?
I always want to do creative and unique so I started because of Passion, I did the first modeling show and then one of my friends tell me about Blogging and I started Blogging. I’m good at fashion so I choose to be a fashion blogger

Q. How do you keep your audience engaged?
I post regular content as post and stories and in weekly, I do live sessions and QnA sessions, plus I give grooming classes too through live and zoom call.

Q. Many creators face hardship, so we like to know about yours
At starting I face lots of things because I think in this field you have to invest a good amount on a shoot, outfit, and grooming so for initial things I manage a few pages because I know about social media marketing. I face a few more but my focus on being a good blogger so I deal with hardships easily.

Q. How long are you involved in this work and how’s your experience?
So it’s been 2 years in this field and my experience as a blogger is pretty good. I feel good when people admire my work and brands give opportunities to work with them.

Q. When did you first think to be a fashion blogger?
2 years back I saw videos of Fashion blogger Alex Costa and then I decide to make my career in this. I think this’s the best way to present your work to the world.

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Q. Have you ever joined any fashion show or any plan in the future?
So I walk for a famous designer in Runway fashion week and I judge fashion shows too. I have a few plans to be a judge and showstopper for a fashion show.

Q. What is your goal & the future plan?
So, in simple words my goal to be a top fashion blogger and help others to live a good lifestyle. My future plan to launch my own brand and grooming class too.

Q. Ok most of the Instagrammer is now a fashion blogger or a lifestyle. So what are the mistakes do you think the peoples do in this field?
This’s a very important question. I saw mostly everyone write bloggers on their profile but they didn’t know exactly about Blogging. I think they find this very fancy so they start using bloggers on their profile but know Blogging is a new career and this will grow day by day so if you want to be a blogger, first learn about this and then work for that.

Q. Do your family support you for your decisions?
So I come from a middle-class family they prefer government job to choose but by the time of my growth they start supporting me and they are happy with my work

Q. What are the things you do in spare time?
I’m doing graduation in physical education and preparing for civil service to fulfill my family dream.

Q. How do you recommend Bgs Raw an online magazine, featuring the creators?
You’re doing great work. Every artist wants social presence and you’re doing this very well.
I recommend you can start posting about fashion stuff in your magazine.

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about fashion and blogging?
For upcoming or aspirants blogger, just mind one rule – Be yourself and Be unique.
Never copy anyone’s content you can take ideas but not do the copy.
If your content Unique you’ll grow nicely for sure

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Q. You have collaborated with many brands right. So tell how was your experience.
Every blogger, not just blogger everyone works in their own field for money, respect, and a better life.
Brand collaboration is one of the sources to earn money and spread your work.
I work with more than 150 brands Indian and international too. It was a good experience to work with all of them.

Q. When did you first collaborate with the brand and what was all about?
After 7 months of starting a blog, I got first paid collab with a men’s hair care brand that pays me 500 for one post that was my first collab.
That day I feel good and proud and by the time and hard work, everything growing good.

Q. As today most of the bloggers come up on Instagram to become stars or influencers and to earn. So how can you suggest your views to help them out?
Everyone wants to be social media and earn money but work on the right way to the right direction to help you to archive your goal. So work for your goal in the right way and be patient you’ll be a star one day for sure.

Q. I hope lifestyle includes fitness too. Do you believe fitness is all about the gym?
Yaa lifestyle cover fitness too and yaa I believe in fitness and fitness isn’t all about to hit the gym.
According to me, fitness is all about to follow a proper daily routine and a good and healthy diet and workout to fit your body, with the help of running, exercise or you can go for the gym too.

Q. Any message for our audience?
My only advice to the younger generation is to never back down! There are always people who will pull you down to their level but always remember that the only reason they are pulling you down is that they’re below you! Also, success is not a 100-meter race, it’s a full marathon, it might take time but you’ll eventually win.

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Q. So before ending our chat, we like to know how are you spending your time in this crisis of covid19 lockdown?
They say you should never let a crisis go to waste. So, I’m trying to learn new skills that will help me be a better content creator. I’m learning how to optimize my social media and how to make my content uniquely attractive.

Q. What is your style mantra?
My style mantra is to keep it classy always because the class is better than swag.

Q. The most used dress in every shoot?
My classy white shirt, I’ve styled it numerous times in numerous ways.

Q. What do you think people are curious about you?
Because I work in silence, I’ve never bragged about anything but still, my work becomes better.

Q. Do you love street food? What are the dishes?
Although my diet gives me very few cheat days, I love street food and my absolute favorite is Pav Bhaji.

Q. The most pick up line used by you?
I don’t believe in pick up lines, I’m more of an old-school romantic.

Q. Define Bgs Raw in one sentence?
Best magazine for youth.

Some Pics of Akhand Pratap Singh

Akhand Pratap Singh best influence of delhi, fashion blogger

Akhand Pratap Singh

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