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Dr. Sarthak Kadakia is a doctor, blogger, influencer. Dr. Sarthak gave latest interview to Bgs Raw

Bgs Raw Interviews: Hey Folk! In this interview, we had one of the doctors who is also very passionate about blogging and modeling industry.  He is a doctor by profession and blogger by passion and trying to prove that your passion can be achieved in spite of a busy schedule. He tries to create awareness on social topics by creating content related to social causes and to find ideas to style the same clothes in different ways which can save money and still look fashionable.

Read Interview of  Dr. Sarthak Kadakia:

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
I am a doctor and a fashion blogger and influencer in my spare time. Since I belong to the medical field, I consider it my duty in many ways to create and spread awareness about pressing social issues. So I use my role as an influencer to do that. I have posted a series of photographs on different themes such as body shaming, depression, abuse among men, protecting the girl child, etc. Each of the photographs tries to convey a strong social message. Currently, I am in the process of coming up with a second series of social issues, which will be out soon.

About fashion being economical, what I want to convey is that even in men’s fashion, looking good does NOT mean having to spend a lot. So through my feed, I try to put out ideas for styling the same pair of jeans or the same shirt in different ways. A few tweaks can alter the same outfit and change your look from formal to casual. That’s what I’m here to do.
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Q. Who inspires you or influenced you the most & how?
Blogging just happened by chance! So one of my friends who is a photographer was starting his new website. He was looking for a male model and approached me. I obliged, the pictures came out pretty decent, and I guess after that I never looked back.

But if I had to name someone who inspired me, then Karan S Dhingra is one of those few bloggers whose work really inspires me.

Q. How long are you involved in this work as a blogger?
It has been a year now.

Q. You mentioned that you are a doctor. So let us know something more.
Well, I am an Orthopedic surgeon, and I am currently pursuing further studies. I love what I do, and I wish to set up a practice of my own someday.

Q. What are the things you’ve faced at the start of your career in this field?
One thing that I faced the most, or rather one thing that I am still facing to a certain extent.. is the lack of support from fellow fashion bloggers and people in this field. Especially when you are just starting out, you are all on your own. While this is true of any field, I feel the hostility and competition in fashion is a little more. Once you grow, you do find opportunities and people willing to work with or support you. But in those initial phases, I had very few to guide or support me. I am trying to change that in my own way by being more open if a beginner approaches me, but I think this is something all fashion bloggers need to think about. Grow, and let others grow.

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Q. What is your goal & the future plan?
Well, for now, I want to complete my education and then focus on building my career as a surgeon. At the same time, I also want to continue blogging. I am keen on collaborating with more brands and photographers. My goal is to find the right balance between the two things I am passionate about.. medicine and fashion.

Q. Besides your career, what things do you like and what makes you bored?
I am not a great singer, but I do love singing. Apart from that, I love watching movies and shows, reading and traveling.

Q. Do your family support you for your decisions?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, after every shoot, my parents and sister sit down to review my pics and select the best ones. They are my best and harshest critics. They are constantly pointing out the gray areas and providing suggestions. I could not have done this without them. I also have a few friends who have helped me with new ideas for my posts, some of them have even helped me write them.

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?
I will be completely honest. I have always wanted to be both, a doctor and a model. And with God’s grace, I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to do both.


Q. Apart from your carrier tell us something else or any incident you like to share?
One of the most memorable things for me after becoming a fashion blogger, was when I decided to use modeling as a platform to raise social awareness. At that time I had no idea that the issues I talked about would resonate with so many people. I saw so many people sharing and reposting my post on depression. Even after the #mentoo post, I received so many messages from guys who talked about the oppression and abuse they had faced in their personal and professional lives. Some of those stories were shocking and extremely sad. I am glad and grateful that I was at least able to touch a handful of people through my work.

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Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw Magazine?
I came across BGS Raw very early on as a blogger, and I would always wonder when I would get a chance to be featured. It was nothing short of an achievement for me to be contacted for a feature! I think this magazine is a must for every blogger! You guys are doing a terrific job by promoting bloggers and their work, and I could not be more thankful for the support.

Q. When was your first collaboration with a brand? How did you get your first sponsor?
My first brand collab came after I was around 6 months into blogging. As I mentioned earlier, since I had minimal support, I really had no idea on how to approach brands or collaborate with them. Initially, I would just mail brands and ask them for work. But I slowly came to realize that was a bad idea. In order for a brand to collaborate with you, they have to see your work and like it. So I started focussing on building my content, and that’s when things started looking up a little.

That would be advised for any fashion blogger who is starting out. Focus more on improving your content. The collabs will come.

Q. Tell us about your current work you are involved in.
Currently, throughout the week I am just a regular doctor.. working, attending surgeries and studying further.

I shoot on Sundays for 2-3 hours and plan out my content. Currently, I am working with different brands that I have tried out and liked. I do not believe in endorsing products that I haven’t used, because I do not want to misguide my followers.

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirant’s about blogging & doctor at the same time?
I guess there are very few doctors who are into fashion blogging, due to the obvious time constraints and hectic work hours. But I truly believe that if you love something, and are passionate about it, you should take the time out and do it. Life is too short to live with regrets. Doctors are often stereotyped to be routine and predictable when it comes to fashion. When other stereotypes can be broken, why not shatter this one too? Manushi Chhillar is probably the best example.

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Q. Any message and tips you want to convey to our audience and your fans with health tips?
I would suggest everyone stay fit, and by fit, I do not mean 6 pack abs and a toned body. While that is no doubt great, fitness is more about staying healthy and active. Investing in health right now saves you loads in the future. Go for walks, run, eat the right food, and most importantly, stay happy and do what you love!
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RAPID FIRE With Sarthak Kadakia:

Q. What is your style mantra?
Keep it simple but stylish.

Q. The worst lines you used daily?
Sab Moh-Maya hai!!

Q. When did you first taste the footpath dishes.
In childhood. I am still a fan of them, and I don’t think that will ever change.

Q. What you believe to yourself; blogger, doctor, influencer, or anything else.
I believe that above all this, I am first a human being who is always there to help anyone in need.

Q. What the weirdest questing you’ve been asked ever?
I think the weirdest question I have been asked is… “Do you pose with your patients too?” I honestly did not know how to reply at that point! Of course not, at work, I am a doctor and nothing more!

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