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Exclusive Chat with Ankit Mishra – everyone wants fame in social media. Bgs Raw keeps bringing new face from the fashion and influence of industry and here we presenting another influencer. Ankit is a govt. employee but had a dream to get into the modeling industry, but suddenly after his father’s death, he had to change the planning. And later after completing his educations, he took over his father’s job to support the family.

Ankit tells, he very interested in modeling and looking the chance in the industry. For the very first time, he got collaborated when being human and he kept working on the profile and today he had collaborated with so many other brands.

Q. Tell us something about yourself.
I m a government employee and apart of these work with brands I am from Raipur Chhattisgarh

Q. So let us know how did you step toward the fashion influence?
Actually, I get collaboration from being human after that I got mail/Whatsapp for Collab so that was starting now I work with so many brands and more to come

Q. Since you’re a govt. an employee so tells how do you manage your time for shoots. Any hardship you face.
It’s about 6 years I work in the PWD department and weekends for shoots and Collab actually  I wanted to become a model but situation and responsibilities turn into these I lost my father when I was 10th I completed my studies and I get dad job so my profession converted into my hobby that’s why these work make me feel happy 😊

Q. What is your goal and the future plan?
I wanted to become a  fashion model and as u know I belong to the middle-class family so with these jobs you know how hard to become a model nowadays especially a middle-class boy

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Q. What are your parent’s and families’ reactions toward your work.
Yeah my parents and my family appreciate my works they are happy especially my mom and my sister is so supportive and always motivated me they know these make me feel happy so they always make me up 😊

Q.What is your mantra for success?
if u need success work hard believe in yourself always Focus what you want in your life believe in your mindset your goal no negative vibes only positive vibes and hard works make you success

Q. Since active on Instagram is obviously mean to get collaboration and earn a profit. So when was your first collaboration and whats was all about.
Actually, they love my contains and I m also shocked when I got my first Collab especially with being human I m really active, and using hashtags also the reason they see my feeds globally

How many brands have you collaborated with and how were your experiences?
Actually, I work with so many brands and tell u some good experience with Koovsfashion, sonaturals, ManArden, crazy bulk

Q. As you mentioned you are in the PWD department, let our audience know about the career in this field like salary, working hours, etc
The government timing 11 to 6 and I work in the account section under sac and 8 hours I spend there and Salary 2lacs approx yearly

Q. What are the things you do besides job and brand influence.
These things make me feel good and happy and always motivated by friends and family fame in social media everyone wants fame in social media

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Q. Let us know how you manage your shoots. Do you have any team or any?
There is no term I shoot when I got collaboration

Q. Who do you think is very supportive in your life and want to thank through our medium.
My supermom, she is my life really thankful

Q. As you know the Bgs Raw is publishing the stories and interviews for the last two years now. What recommendation would you like to make?
Actually firstly thankful to Bgs Raw they look fashion influencer like us they visit my profile they giving us platforms they giving us identify like other people will know about us really nice and appreciated

Q. What message would you like to convey for our readers?
Always Focus what you wanted to achieve believe in yourself and stay away from negative vibes always stay the people who make u feel up and make u feel positive that’s a small msg from my side

Q. Ok, so before ending we would like to know your activities in ‘lockdown’ how did you stuck?
As per my schedule, I am a govt employee as well as I Collab with brands. So, as far as my schedule, office work and on weekends I do shoots so there is no stucked up time for me,I guess…All days busy bee


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instagram influencer ankit mishra


instagram influencer ankit mishra


instagram influencer ankit mishra

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