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This is our exclusive interview with Anita Sheoran from Noida on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine Interview.  She is a fashion influencer and involved in modeling.

As the story, are being inspired in every interview on Bgs Raw magazine. And here Anita had also the same passion of one interest and she quit her job from the axis bank to live with full-time fashion influencer and modeling. She told that her family was also very supportive and after knowing the interest of influencing, now her husband also helps out in photoshoot and the stuff.

Anita had learned the modeling from the internet as well from youtube too. She told that today learning is not tough, many professionals had given there a tutorial online just search and learn from them. She had also honored by the ‘Best Emerging Model 2018’ award in Jan 2019. Let you read the conversation:

Read Interview of Anita Sheoran:

Q. How did you create yourself to be a model?
Bgs Raw magazine interview with Anita Sheoran a beautiful georgeous and glamour model of noida. She is an influencer model and award winning women.From starting I have lots of  interest in fashion and Glamour but being from a small city I never thought about making this my profession and after marriage, my husband realize my interest in this field so he encourages me to chase the dreams

Q. Do your parents support you in this journey?
Yes they are supportive too even my in-laws also

Q. From how many years are you involved in this field of fashion and modeling.
From last 1.5 yrs

Q. Why did you quit your job. It that not possible to do both job and modeling side by side.
Yeah, it is possible for normal people but not me.
Am suffering from Lupus and AVN and with such major health issues I can’t handle both properly so I decided to quit

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Q. Tell us about your goal and future plan?
My goal is to be among the top influencer and am not having any specific plan but i believe  in constantly doing hard work to achieve it

Q. How did you create yourself, had you done any course in modeling and fashion?
No, I haven’t done any courses. The thing is I used to design my own clothes so I started posting them and then I studied about Influencing through Google and youtube and yeah from there I learn a lot of things

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//Random question ————-

Q. What’s your most embarrassing memory of childhood?
During raining season I slipped on the road

Q. What was the most memorable moment of your modeling journey?
I am honored as the Best Emerging Model in Mrs. Category by shakti film productions

Q. What is the first thing you notice in a man?
I don’t like a man with too much of attitude or u can say arrogant type
Attitude is a must but I think it depends on the situation also

Q. What would your outfit for a romantic date be?
A decent gown

Q. The most used pick up line by you for anyone?
There is nothing like that but I notice the eyes of others a lot because I think my eyes are not so beautiful
And I compliment them too for their eyes

//Serious ————-

Q. Tell our audience today most of them work as an influencer but do not get sponsor, why it so?
I think some people have fake followers so might be this is the reason and other things there are so many influencers so to get the sponsorship u need to approach the brands by own so that brand come to know about your work

Q. When did you get your first sponsorship. How did you approach them?
My first collaboration was with Bellavita Organic.
On Instagram, I saw one of the bloggers reviewing their products so I texted them regarding my interest to review their products and I got that

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Q. On what would you spend your earned money; clothes, accessories, perfumes, lingerie or anything else.
Clothes, accessories, perfumes, shoes, and makeup
And yeah sometimes I shop for my husband too

Q. When Anita Sheoran unwind, what does she indulge in?
I am so much in traveling new places so yeah travel

Q. How will you recommend The Bgs Raw?
I feel that talent needs recognition and nothing else could have been a better medium like Bgs Raw

Q. What projects you’re currently working on?
Right now am not having such project am just working on my profile now

Q. What motivation will you convey to our audience?
Be yourself and believe in your inner strength. Do not listen what people say if u think u can do it then just do it

Q. Any tips for upcoming aspirants to become a model or influencer in this internet industry.
Choose this field only if u have patience because this field is not like that u will get 1000 of followers and brand collaboration instantly. The day will come when u realize no progress is there so u decide to quit it but if at that time you stick to it patiently no one can stop u then

Rapid Fire with Anita Sheoran:

Q. What is your style mantra?
Wear in which u feel comfortable

Q. I don’t know this question should be asked to you or not but tell how someone can get your special attention?
Just a smile on face and decency

Q. Is married life is well or unmarried? Why?
Married. U always have someone to blame for😄

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Q. What you believe to yourself; actor, model, YouTuber, or anything else

Q. Best food you like from the footpath or street shops.
Gol gappe, chaap, pav bhaji

Q. What the weirdest questing you’ve been asked ever?
No such questions asked ever

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