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Akanksha singh interview in bgs raw from bihar bhagalpur

Hey folks, here we interacted with a wonderful girl who is from Bihar, Bhagalpur and her name is  Akanksha Singh. When we came to know about her initiative it was very impressive to us. She is doing her graduation and running a business from her resident itself. “She also told that her interest in art & craft was since childhood, and she wanted to be a fashion designer but due to financially they were not strong so she had to dropped her interest in this field. In the beginning, it was a struggling time, everyone was opposing me, but I didn’t stop.

So basically she prepares hand made craft and sells it online, and the best thing about this business is the art, talent, and interest are converted to business. She gets an order from more than 15 cities in India. So if you are looking to buy any handmade gift for the VALENTINES DAY you can contact her, details added below. It was quite interesting to talk with her, you’ll also love to read the conversation below;

Startup Interview with Akanksha

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
I am from Bhagalpur, Bihar and stay here with my family. I’m doing Graduation with Zoology as a major subject. And I’m an artist by profession.

Q. Since when are you engaged in this handmade crafts?
I was always interested in art and craft since childhood but my family wasn’t financially that strong to support me in extra activities, so I used to collect wedding cards and made greeting cards for my friends in school. From them, the idea came that I should make cards and can sell them.
So It all Started making commissioned work for my friends, and then 1 year ago, I started taking online orders.
My 1-year online journey was Compleated on 26th December 2019th

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Q. When did you first create the DIY product and what was that?
I can’t remember that. But my first sold DIY product was a handmade card made 2 years ago and sold to my friend.

buy valentines day handemade crat from akanksha from bhagalpur, bihar
Q. Anything that’s challenging in these fields. Like while taking the orders and stuff.
Yes, since I’m studying and along with it I’m managing these, it is actually challenging for me to manage and complete all the orders on time, So I take the help from a friend, Satyam for making these on time.
Another problem is, most of the materials are not available in Bhagalpur, so I have to order them online.

Q. Ok tell us how do you take the orders and how you manage to dispatch those purchases.
I have provided my WhatsApp number on online sites like my Instagram, youtube, and Facebook. So the buyers can directly contact me there or that they can contact me on my WhatsApp. After the discussion, how their product will be made or customized, I take at least half of the total cost, in advance for confirmation of their order and can’t provide COD as the product is fully customized with photos or else as customer demands. After then I or we start making the product and then pack it and dispatch on the promised date through courier services.

Q. What are those items you make in your crafts and also tell the most sold items.
We make handmade cards, explosion boxes, scrapbook/album, gift hampers, handmade jewelry, photo frames, wall hanging, folk paintings, customized gifts, etc.
Most sold items are scrapbooks and explosion boxes.

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Q. So almost Valentine’s day is to come so are there any products for such occasion.
Yes, Valentine Hampers, cage hamper, valentine week cards/gifts, etc are available and we already have sold some of such hampers and some orders are yet in process.

Q. Ok now let us know whats your parents think about the business.
My parents weren’t ready in the beginning for me to get involved in art and craft. I actually started this business so that I could earn money for buying craft stuff. But now since I’m passionate about it, they have accepted this. And since I’ve continued my studies along with it, they have no problem.
In the beginning, it was a struggling time, everyone was opposing me, but I didn’t stop.

Q. Let us know your future plan?
In the future, I’m willing to add more products for the convenience of the buyers. And also, since most of the craft materials are not available for sale in my city, I’ll try to bring materials also to Bhagalpur Market. I’ve already started selling printed card papers from home.
Also, I’ll try to regularly post videos on YouTube.

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?
I didn’t know much about this field but wanted to become a fashion designer, as that was only a field related to art I knew about. But since I came to know that it requires a lot of money in studies of designing, so I dropped the dream of becoming one.

After 10th, my parents send me for studying for Medical, but in one year I realized that this is not my field. I left that institute, prepared for 12th myself and then started making these cards and this business

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Q. Since we complete the one year of our online magazine. How will you recommend Bgs Raw?
Bgs raw is doing nice work, as there’s a need to promote new creators, bloggers as most of the people do not know about them. I would love to recommend this page.

Q. Did you thought you’ll be featured in our magazine.
No. I didn’t think about it before.

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audiences
If you want to do anything passionately, then no other obstacles like financial conditions or other things can’t stop you from achieving where you want to be.


Q. Your favorite craft you don’t like to sell.
There’s no such stuff

Q. One mistake you make during the order
Settling for a lesser amount

Q. Favourite person of life.
If related to my work, Satyam. Related to life, My mom.

Q. What you believe to yourself; artist, businesswomen, or anything else.

Q. What the weirdest questing you’ve been asked ever?
“What do you do with your medals and prizes?”

Q. Tell something about Bgs Raw in one sentence.
A great magazine for promoting and uplifting bloggers, artists, creators, etc.

So if you love her stuff and want to contact for purchase then contact via her Instagram. And do not forget to tell us your opinion about the startup story and the new initiative.

This interview was done by Bikram Kr Singh, Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer, Certified Digital Marketing by Google. To get more latest news and update from bgs raw follow us on Instagram & Facebook.


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