Here are the 7 superstars of Bollywood in real life… Look old without makeup


Along with talent, good looks are also considered very important to make a name for yourself in Bollywood. There are currently many stars who have been ruling the industry for almost 3 decades. Interestingly, the effect of their age is not visible on their faces.

But the truth is that these stars are seen on the film screen with a lot of makeup. You will be surprised to see these stars without makeup. Today in this article, we have brought a photo of 7 superstars of the film industry without makeup. 

Salman Khan

Screenshot 1 83

The 56-year-old Salman khan still rules the industry. But now the effect of his age is beginning to show on his face. They have to wear makeup before coming on the film screen. Recently, a photo of him went viral, in which his white mustache and trunk were seen.


Screenshot 2 50

Govinda is one such actor who has done it today in the hearts of fans with his look and dancing skills. But this actor’s face without makeup can surprise you. 

Abhishek Bachchan

Screenshot 3 30

Junior Bachchan Abhishek is also a strong actor in the industry. His personality in films is very brilliant, but in real life, he looks old.

Aamir Khan

Screenshot 4 22

Aamir Khan is an actor who works hard for the character of his films and does only one film in 2-3 years. These actors are always in the limelight due to their looks and fitness. But if you look at them without makeup, now old age is seen on their face.


Screenshot 5 16

Rajinikanth is called the God of the South film industry. The actor is now 71 years old, but in his films, he is seen very young on the basis of makeup. 

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Akshay Kumar

Screenshot 6 8

Akshay Kumar is considered to be the most fitness freak actor in the industry. Fans love his action scenes very much, but the truth is that he is old now but is steadfast in the industry on the basis of makeup.

Shah Rukh Khan

Screenshot 7 5

Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan is considered to be the most handsome and hot actor in the industry, but when you see this actor without makeup, you may be very surprised.

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