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fashion blogger from guwahati assam anand jain

Anand Jain is a blogger who started his journey with blogging in 2018, now he has 9k followers. He told us that he was not able to consistently post contents so the followers remain pause. But now he gonna active and start posting the updated contents soon. Read the conversation below:

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
In very simple words Myself Anand Jain from Guwahati I recently start doing blogging as well as I am a student doing BCA and handling my business

Q. How did you inspire to be a fashion blogger? When did you first think to start fashion blogging?
I was inspired by Abhishek Garg I was scrolling my Instagram and then I saw his profile and I thought to start fashion blogging and I started in the year 2018

Q. What hardship do you face in this field.
To manage the Instagram account and I am not able to be active due to my business but I am working on that to constantly post contents regularly

Q. Let us know your goal & the future plan?
To be a famous blogger and just wanted to full fill my parents and my dreams

Q. How parents react to your influencing? Do they support?
Actually, they don’t even know about this but as I get some followers and my works get good I will say to my parents and I know very well that they will support me

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?
I thought to become a doctor but till 11 I thought for becoming doctor and then everything changed in my life and I went to the wrong track and when everything gets solved I start doing blogging

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Q. How do you manage your shoots? Who helps you out in finding locations?
Managing shoots are to difficult for me because I have to handle business and my almost shoots are done on Sunday, my friends help me to find the location

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Q. Every effort is made for business and to make income. So do you think fashion blogging is also a good business option now? Tell our audience in detail
As I think yes fashion blogging is also a good business option.  But you have to work hard on it I earned money from the app spoyl so guys you can also earn
* your audience should be attracted to your profile
* should have good PA, DA number of followers and received good traffic on their blog
* who are new should work on a barter basis.

Q. Recently you joined the Indian Influencer network, tell us about them.
Indian influencer network helps to receive influencer collaboration from different brands

Q. When was your first collaboration with a brand and what was all about?
* my first collaboration was with spruce shave club 21 Jan I remember the date
* and the product was about intimate wash face

Q. Tell us about your current project.
Currently, I don’t have any projects…! But very

Q. How will you recommend Bgs Raw and its contribution to the bloggers and social creators?
I will let everyone know to go and read stories because it motivates many people like us it also inspires many people

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Q. Any message you want to convey to our audiences.
If you are a blogger then I would convey everyone to have real and genuine followers

Anand Jains Pics:

anand jain is from guwahati assam and he is a blogger

I was inspired by Abhishek Garg, thought to start fashion blogging

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