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'If I Ruled the World', former boyzone singer Keith Duffy

Former Boyzone singer Keith Duffy has now teamed up with ex-westlife member Brian McFadden to form Boyzlife. The duo are donation proceeds from their debut single, “You Needed Me” to age UK. In the latest publication of Readers digest, Keith gave an interview, read the conversation below

I’d find an antidote to coronavirus to alleviate people’s fears so they wouldn’t get panicked or stressed. Obviously, there have been a lot of fatalities and a lot of people have lost their lives unnecessarily, so it would be amazing to be able to get rid of the virus and take the panic and worry away, especially for the elderly people within our society who are most vulnerable. That’s also why we’re doing our bit by donating all the profits from our first single to Age UK.

Moving forward, we would look back on all this with a positive slant. Yes, it would be easy and understandable to look back with negativity and insecurity but we should also be able to take some positives from it-the main one being that there’s no better gift you can give anybody than the gift of your time.
We’ve all had to spend weeks locked away in isolation with our families and that’s not a negative thing, it’s something we don’t set aside enough time to do unless we’re forced to do so. The forced time I’ve had with my family has ended up being an absolute joy, having the undivided attention of my children while we’ve all been at home together, getting to know each other again, and learning how we can help each other.

We’d cherish the planet more. I only know what I’ve read and seen on the news, but since this pandemic hit with all these factories shutting down and nobody on the roads unless absolutely necessary-emissions have been hugely reduced. People in Italy say they can see blue skies and the sun shining when they couldn’t before, and there are parts of China where they can now see the stars at night because the earth is starting to heal itself.

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We’d change our day-to-day habits. We don’t all need to go out to work every day when we can work from home and we don’t need to be in our cars all the time.

As the father of a child with autism, I’d encourage us all to appreciate and celebrate the people we have in our lives. When you talk about a child with a disability, of course, you worry about them, but sometimes you have to stop mourning the child that you thought you were going to have and embrace the child you do have. The more we start embracing people with disabilities, the better the world will be.

Social media needs to be better regulated. So-called “keyboard warriors” shouldn’t be allowed to prey on vulnerable people and cyber bully them. There should be some kind of verification process and not just for celebrities and high-profile people, who can currently get a verification badge. Social media can be a very worthwhile tool but as we all know it can also be very negative because it puts so much pressure on younger people to be a “better” version of themselves instead of being happy and content with who they are. In my opinion, the most attractive parts of someone are their imperfections.

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I’d encourage everyone to enjoy sport and social activities once the crisis is over. Playing golf, bowling…
The things we used to take for granted that we can’t do at the moment-playINg sports together, going to matches, doing amateur dramatics-will be all the more precious when, please God, this whole thing is over. When you have the opportunity to socialise again you should make the most of it.

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I’d remind people of the words of the Bible: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.
In other words, treat people the way you’d like to be treated yourself. If everyone were to practice that, the difference it would make would be phenomenal. We all like to be treated well, we all like to be treated with kindness, we all like being able to make somebody smile.



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