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The heat wave in the country is going up, but Malaika Arora is still looking cool. He shared the secret of this coolness of his on social media. He has mentioned three such yogasanas that will keep you cool even in this scorching heat. He wrote – Don’t let the heat dominate you this summer, be cool with yoga.

Malaika Arora gives tips How to cool mind in summer

Malaika Arora shares three yogasanas 


In fact, Malaika Arora is one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood. She is always in the news for her health and fitness. At the same time, she also advises people to stay fit. This time too, he has shared the video and motivated people to stay cool. In this video, she is seen in an all-black dress. 

Malaika’s three yoga asanas

The pigeon pose helps in the development of your spine and mind with this yoga asana. At the same time, your body receives energy. It helps to keep your body calm. These asanas have been reported to be beneficial for strengthening the muscles and bringing flexibility to the body. 

Tree Pose In this asana you stand in the pose of a tree, that’s why it has been named Vrikshasana. It strengthens your legs.  It is also very helpful for people who have frequent nerve pain in their legs.

Cat-cow pose In child poses, the flow between cat-cow poses activates the back muscles by increasing blood flow and releasing the tension of your neck and upper back area. The Cat-Cow pose is an essential asana to correct stiffness in the back. It also balances the brain.

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