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snigdha das is a bengali girls who is a fashion blogger from patna bihar she is studying pursuing law from noida

Hey folks, in our very new interview of this week, we are introducing a fashion blogger as well as a law student Snigdha Das. She is a Bengali girl who was grown up at Patna, Bihar and she is currently studying in Noida. We have taken her time to chat during the lockdown for the novel crisis of COVID-19. She has currently 16.4k+ fam on her social media. It was a very awesome interaction with her. You can also read her blog
So now let you read the conversation below, and if you have any suggestions for us please let us know from you.

A Social Chat Interview with Snigdha:

Q. Tell us something about you?
Well to know about me in very basic words is that this law grad wanted to pursue her hobby with fashion which made me start as a blogger in the first place. I like standing out.

Q. When did you first think to be a fashion model?
I guess when I was left at my home with my mom’s makeup at 5, after ruining my face with the lipstick I decided that this is what I wish to do.😂

Q. What hardship do you face during shoots?
Managing shoot schedules with a running college and ongoing graduation are very tough for me, but my friends and family are a huge support to me.

Q. Let us know your goals and future plans?
I have planned to pursue Judiciary Examinations in the future let’s see how that goes.

Q. Do parents support your decisions?
Absolutely, they inspire me to go for whatever I want to do in my life.

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Q. We have noticed that you are a student of law dept.? Tell us about the courses or holding any job.
Well yes, I am studying BBA LLB at Symbiosis Law School, Noida, and well other than litigation and corporate firms we have Judiciary to reach out for.

Q. Have you collaborated with brands. Let us know your experience?
I have collaborated with many amazing brands to date. Garnier, Maybelline, and Bioderma are my favorite ones. Other than that I really enjoyed collaborating with Mc Donald’s and Megaan.

Q. When was your first collaboration and what was all about?
My first collaboration was with Flipkart it was for the product launch of the beauty line by Innisfree.

Q. Let us know about your current project you are working on?
I am currently not working in for any Campaigns but creating art content for my blog but also blogging for outfits for burger bae.

Q. What did you think to become in childhood?
I thought I would pursue to be an Astronaut honestly

Q. What was the most memorable moment of your fashion and modeling journey?
Oh being a part of this journey has given me a lot of such memories, but the best, if I have to recall, is being called out by my friends and celebrating my first pay with them.

Q. How will you recommend the Bgs Raw the online magazine?
Well, I would suggest everyone have a read cause stories about people like us not only motivate us to work better but also would inspire them to go for their dreams.

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Q. Do you speak any local languages from Bihar. Any dialogue or the most used line by you.
Yeah so I am basically a Bengali kid born and brought up in Patna so yeah I am the best of both worlds, but you can barely take the Bihari out of me, I am multilingual I speak fluent Bangla and Bhojpuri specially Maithili. Well no matter how long I stay in any part of this country you can’t take out the usage of ‘hum’ form my dialogue

Q. Who is that person supporting you a lot in this journey.
My mother has been a constant support to me other than this, my best friends Aarushi and Harsh motivate me like no one else did.

Q. When Snigdha Das unwind, what does she indulge in?
Oh, she loves sleeping or maybe socializing, I am a total party freak.

Q. I hope you are a dance too since we show your performance clips online.
Yes, I am a classically trained Kathak dancer.

Q. Any message or tips you like to convey for our audience including fashion?
I suggest Fashion is all about your Natural Aura, whatever makes you comfortable or makes you adore yourself in the mirror for hours does the right thing for you.

Q. So as we all know that we are going through the crisis of COVID-19, are you safe. And tell how you are quarantined yourself.
Well, I am having the time of my life at home, cooking and spending time with family, its like a detox from the negative elements of the society and being in your comfort zone.
Also, cleanliness is the key, I might have turned into a freak but it’s worth the safety.

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Q. Also tell our audience to take care of themselves and stay home.
Yes please spend enough time with yourself and stay at home, take this time to learn yourself better your hobbies the things of your choice you love to do. Or maybe sleep. Do anything that makes you happy without complaints, simply glow out of this phase it will be over soon. Stay safe.

Rapid Fire:
Q. What is your style mantra?
If you can breathe in that wear it outside, comfort is the key to fashion.

Q. How someone can get your special attention?
Well I like real people, real conversation, real stories, I am a sucker for it, so you have anything genuine to offer I am all ears.

Q. What is the first thing you notice in a man?
I guess how he carries himself? Then comes his hygiene way of speaking and well sarcasm.

Q. What you believe to yourself; actor, model, YouTuber, or anything else
A Fashion Blogger

Q. What the weirdest questing you’ve been asked ever?
Oh, people ask me whether I can step out of my house without makeup.

Q. The most used pickup line by Snigdha
“Yaar content ni mil raha yaar boht tension ho raha mujhe”

Q. Describe Bgs Raw in one word?
Real ❤️

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