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Vaibhav Arora is a fashion blogger and influencer from rajasthan

Hey folks, here we introduce a new story of a fashion blogger and influencer Vaibhav Arora. Apart from blogging and influencing he is also an engineer and a business owner of a restaurant. It was quite interesting to know him since his content as well and have put a lot of effort into building his blogging profile. He is currently having 16k +(plus) followers on Instagram. So let you directly read the conversation below to know more about Vaibhav and his experience about influencing;

Exclusive Interview of Vaibhav Arora;

Q. Tell us something about you?
I am Vaibhav Arora from Pali Rajasthan. I have completed my BTech past year and in the current, I’m running a cafe and restaurant and fashion blogging on Instagram. And I’m only 21 years old.

Q. When did you first think to become an influencer? Who inspires you?
I had just posted some pictures on Instagram and show that there are some influences like theformaledit that they are getting work on Instagram. Then I try to hit some brand for collaborations and got first collaboration on 26 July 2019

Q. As I show your profile and the posts were quite professional on Instagram. I know lots of hard work is required behind so tell how do you manage…
I and one friend Puran helped me a lot in this ..we go to some random place ..with 3-4 outfits and try to make at least 3-4 sets of per outfit….then edit them and normally post them on insta. Ya we do everything personally

Q. How the brands approach any influencers?
Hashtags will help in this and some times we have to approach brands for collaborations.

Q. So it would be better for readers to understand the theory of approaching the brand give them an idea.
Yeah just normally dm them for collaborations..if they like the profile they will approach you.

Q. Since long we had interacted with few influencers and now the words are also being trolled. So what will be your message to them?
In this, we just have to focus our work..not take that thing personally…because people will never stop to troll you.

Q. Let us know your goal & the future plan?
I want to become a professional model so for that I’m working on my body for that. And with that will continue with my business work.

Q. Besides blogging you’re also engaged with the cafe and its business. Tell us something about it
Ya Its quite difficult to do both ..but if we really want to do …can manage everything  …so wherever I got some time from the cafe ..I try to complete my blogging work.
Vaibhav Arora

Q. I also want to know about how influencing or business is different from 9 to 5 jobs? Since you’re also an engineer right, so it will better to ask
In 9 to 5 jobs we may get a fixed amount of money and work for others… but In business and influencing, we work on us and there is no fixed amount of money…how much we good work with loyalty we can earn much more than 9 to 5 jobs. How much we do good work*

Q. How parents react to your influencing? Do they support?
Ya, they support me in this, Because they also think, I’m giving my 100% in this and can get more success in this.

Q. What did you think to become in your childhood?
I saw my father that he is a good businessman so I thought to him …but my mother wants me to become an engineer so first I completed my BTech. Then start blogging and business.

Q. When was your first collaboration with a brand?
It was July 2019. Dm them on their Instagram profile.

Q. Tell us about your current project or any upcoming.
Working on my body …to get some muscles to look more attractive. And with that, I’ll continue my business and blogging.

Q. Since we complete the one year of our online magazine. How will you recommend Bgs Raw and its contribution to the bloggers and social creators?
By posting on my Instagram story. As I checked your magazine posts the picture on interviews on other bloggers like that If I got featured and I will post it on my IG story.

Q. Any message you want to convey to our audiences.
Simple Wherever you do give our 100% with loyalty. And mainly only by our good manners, we can get more success and work

Random Ques:
Q. Basic outfit of regular comfort.
Casual outfit-Half sleeve Tshirt with denim jeans and casual shoes.

Q. One thing that you’ll not repeat in this new year
Not Arguing with anyone because everyone has there point of view.

Q. Any secret want to reveal now

Q.What you believe to yourself; blogger, influencer, or anything else.
I don’t want fixed tag ..I can do everything…like an allrounder.

Q. Tell something about Bgs Raw in one sentence.
I think the Best platform to get more fame and publicity.

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