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Mamta flopped despite being a hit, has had affair with underworld don

Mamta Kulkarni was one of the top Bollywood actresses of the time, while her career also flopped in no time. But the life of the actress was full of contrast.

Mamta Kulkarni was the top bollywod actor

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Mamta Kulkarni started her career in 1992 with the film ‘Tiranga’ but she had a small role in the film. After this, in the film ‘Aashiq Awara’ in 1993, Mamta debuted with Saif Ali Khan as the lead character. The first film proved to be a hit and won him the Best Debut Actress Award.

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In the 90s, Mamta was counted among the most bold actresses. For some reason, there was also a topless photoshoot for his Stardust magazine. Stardust magazine wanted a big face but all the current actresses refused to do such a bold shoot and finally Mamata agreed to it. This magazine was sold a lot but there was a lot of controversy about Mamta.

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एक समय ऐसा आया जब सलमान खान और आमिर खान के साथ काम कर चुकी ममता की डिमांड इतनी बढ़ गई कि वह एक्टर व डायरेक्टर के साथ काम करने को मना करने लगी. ममता ने कई सुपरस्टार्स जैसे अजय देवगन, शाहरुख खान, सलमान खान के साथ काम करने तक से मना कर दिया था. इस वजह से उन्हें रिजेक्शन क्वीन के नाम से भी जाना गया.

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Mamta’s name was also associated with underworld don Chhota Rajan at the heights of her career. There were also reports of an affair between the two. It is also said that because of Chhota Rajan, Mamta got films in Bollywood.

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After Chhota Rajan, Mamta’s name was also associated with drug smuggler Vijay Goswami. According to the news, both of them had also got married. But neither of them made their relationship official.

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