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During the crisis of covid19 around the country, many of you may be going with lock at home, and due to which some of you may be feeling stress, depression, etc. Just keep your mind be working and be busy in different house works. Do you know sitting simply or laying on the bed makes stress very high, it can be felt like headache, lazy, etc?

So keep busy by creating something new, do not think more just look back to your childhood memories and celebrate those moments once again.

However, we are trying to bring some stories from the creators from different region and recently we interacted with Mayur, who is an engineering student and a blogger too. So it was quite awesome to interact with him and let you read the conversation.

Q. Tell us something about yourself?
Hi… My name is Mayur. I am an engineering student also I am blogger, & work through my official Instagram account.
My content based on Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Fitness, etc.

Q. How did you inspire to be a fashion blogger?
I like to live as trendy & also I’m interested in modeling so that’s why I am started freelance blogging about fashion.

Q. Any hardship you face as a creator?

Q. What is your goal & the future plan?
My aim is to become a successful & famous fashion blogger/ icon or social media influencer………
In the future, I want to build a personal brand.

Q. How do you arrange your shoots for contents.
I start doing this recently & now my total time is for building a network & collaborate to other brands. so I can easily manage this……

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Q. Besides blogging and influencing, what you do in your spare time?
I am also an Engineering student, so this is my main career. My most of the time is for my education, searching latest things & I am doing blogging and influencing in my spare time………ok🙂

Q. What makes you engage with blogging? Do you get bored with something?
Not special but I’m enjoying this new field……….I take this as my hobby.

Q. Since you are an engineer, so let us know about your field.
Okay…….so my field is electrical engineering.

Q. You have mentioned that you are a share market trader. So tell us how can we trade. Which are the good brands to invest in?
The market is changed day by day so I’m not exactly giving advice to you.
Trading/ investing is always depend upon analysis.

Q. How do you recommend Bgs Raw an online magazine?
Bgs raw is a good magazine and I appreciate your work and like the content.
For promoters & brands I must say, this is the best magazine for growth………

Q. Can you give any idea to upcoming aspirants about fashion and blogging?
Fashion is our need & it changes day to day, so if someone knows a better explanation of trends then they can do it.

Q. You have collaborated with many brands right. So tell me how was your experience.
Well it’s all new to me but I can enjoy a lot, I learn a lot, and I also overcome some mistakes and I’m doing good day by day……coz I love this field.

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Q. When did you first collaborate with the brand and what was all about?
In January 2020. I am started this new journey & I got my 1st collaboration.
I got perfume from the USA brand.
it was awesome……

Q. As today most of the bloggers come on Instagram to become stars or influencers and to earn. So how can you suggest your views to help them out?
I work very genuinely and I explained the content in my simple & attractive language, so not perfect but some amount of helping them out.

Q. Any message for our audience?
Bgs Raw is best Magzine, their content is really good and Bgs raw teams helping nature I must say it was too nice…….I really appreciated it.

Q. So before ending our chat, we like to know how are you spending your time in this lockdown?
Okay so I’m doing various activities like great novels, books reading, also market searching & also spreading my time with my home family as well as social media family ❤️

Check his profile on Instagram/mayurmatal_ for any sponsorship or any influence

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