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Milind Soman's Daily Meal Plan (Dessert Included) - Details Here

For Milind Soman, health comes first. Milind Soman’s love for a simple way of life needs no introduction. On Instagram, he is an absolute favourite for sharing glimpses of his fitness routine, which includes eating fruits for breakfast, running barefoot and working out with what’s readily available in the pantry – like a watermelon. In his recent post, Milind Soman obliged to a request made by fans and wrote down what he eats in a day. Detailing his meal plan, Milind added that he strictly stays away from processed food and drinks alcohol once or twice a year. Milind Soman also revealed the one important addition he made to his diet routine when he was COVID-19 positive – kadha.

Milind Soman’s morning and night-time routine somewhat look like this: “Wake up, drink approx 500ml room temp water”, “Before sleeping some turmeric in hot water, sweetened with jaggery.” His breakfast choices comprise just fruits and nuts, no surprises there: “Around 10am. Some nuts, one papaya, one melon, any seasonal fruit like mangoes, about four.” There’s a condition for Milind Soman to have desserts: “If I eat dessert, it is mostly sweetened with jaggery.”

Milind Soman had tested positive for COVID-19 in March. Talking about his quarantine diet, Milind said: “No change during quarantine. Only addition was kadha 4 times a day.”

Read his entire post to find out what his lunch and dinner plates look like:

Milind Soman is currently living with wife Ankita Konwar at a farmhouse somewhere in the hills. Food in Milind’s kitchen is prepared with veggies grown in his own garden, which he often posts about. Just like Milind, Ankita Konwar too is a fitness enthusiast and a marathon runner.

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