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A girl name Priya Singh, started her journey when she was in her 1st year of college where she has done BA(j&MC) from amity university. She told me, “I wanted to apply for fashion but somehow I wasn’t able to get in NIFT  so I choose 2nd option and I got into amity university, but I had a passion for fashion and styling thing.”

So in this new web interview, we interacted with an influencer, who has so many dreams in her eyes to fulfill and to keep moving ahead. Let you read the detailed interview below.

Exclusive interview with Priya Singh

Q. Tell us something about yourself.
I am Priya Singh  I graduated with my degree in mass communication from amity university. I chose that field of study because I’ve always been interested in media and fashion journalism, and a couple of family members told me it leads to great career options, too side by side I am also pursuing my passion which is in fashion and styling. I am a fun-loving person who loves to meet new people and very much into exchanging positive vibes.

Q. Let us know how did you step in toward the fashion industry
Since my school time I used to cut my old clothes and convert into new, I always knew what I want and I have that charm to be a fashion influencer.  In my 12th class I started my very first blog “MAKE YOUR OWN TREND ” on that blog I posted many styling tips, then after coming to college life, I started my INSTAGRAM on which used to post each and everything. This helps me to be in touch with my FOLLOWERS and also I feel connected to the fashion world where I can explore everything easily. Social media helps me to showcase my talent in an innovative way.

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Q. What is your goal and the future plan?
I planned everything my goal is to be a big influencer and my future plan is to open my own school where I can guide student because I am a social activist too  and I love kids after that I planned to publish my own magazine

Q. What are your parent’s and families’ reactions toward your work.
My parents were shocked because they were new to this blogging world. Everything was new for them when they find out about my page and blogs. But My mom and dad always supported me, many times they helped me in shoots. In my starting days, they were not aware of everything and I make them familiar with this world, slowly slowly they realized that yes this can be also one good profession to chose.

Q. I have heard that you click the portraits and edit yourself? How do you manage those things from editing to posting it out? Any hardship you face.
Haha yeah, I used to click my own pictures and after that, I edit it by myself.
Many times I faced problems because this is really hard to click your own pictures by using the phone and many time my phone dropped my phone just because of getting good pictures.  
But I am one woman army & I can do everything by myself that what I believe in. I always worked alone and struggled a lot but I think hard work is the key to success.

Q. Have you collaborated with brands? Which were them?
Damn, I still remember my very first paid collaboration with Cadbury I was super excited for that collaboration I got an invitation to visit that event later I got much more exciting collaboration with big brands like MYNTRA, flying machines, roadster if, etc. I got many events offers to attend many times I did barter collaboration. I think this is the first step to enter the blogging world

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Q. Was there any person whom you think was very supportive in your life and want to thank.
My family, they are supportive and always there for me in my good and bad times. They helped me to make good and right decisions. I want to thank my mom, dad, my brother, and sister for being with me they always got my back.

Q. As you know the Bgs Raw is publishing the stories and interviews for two years now. What recommendation would you like to make?
Bgs Raw magazine is a good magazine and I appreciate your work and like content for promoters and brands I must say this is the best magazine for growth

Q. What message would you like to convey to our readers?
Bgs Raw is the best Magzine, their content is really good and Bgs raw teams helping nature I must say it was too nice. I really appreciated it. Bgs help new influencers to share their own stories

Q. Ok, so before going to the next session we would like to know your activities in ‘lockdown’.
Hmm, I learned many things in lockdown I have learned my favorite think cooking I always wanted to learn new recipes. With that, I used to help my mom in cleaning I used to spend my time with my dad we used to play ludo for hours. Also worked on my own content. I pushed my self to create good content with new ideas 


Q. What is your dream job?
Fashion journalism

Q. What is your favorite hobby?
Driving and reading

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Q. Describe us in 3 words.
Innovative, creative, and good quality of content

Q. What is your life long dream?
I want to achieve everything whatever I need I want to afford everything and to be on top

Q. If you were famous what would you be famous for?
For my Hardwork

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