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Nargis Fakhri’s interview with the channel called XXXchurch. The actress of ‘Rockstar’. Her character’s name was Heer Kaul. In a recent interview with ex-porn star BrittniDe La Mora, her interviews are becoming very viral on Youtube.

So lif you don’t know; De La Mora was a porn artist and is currently interviewing stars. This was the fifth part of the same interview series. In which, the answers are given by Nargis Fakhri influence in two ways. First – those answers are very bold and truthful. Second- Her personal answers are also a lesson for those who were watching the interview.

Nargis Fakhri 5 important glimpse chat with XXXchurch:

#! The reality of fashion & modeling industry:
‘When I get back home and remove my makeup and see my face in the mirror, I used to ask myself – who are you? Because of course I know the truth, but still I used to get carried away (looking at my makeup and bright appearance). Then it seemed – oh my God! You are not what you see in the magazine.’

#! As retro thinking girl:
‘Now all this is no longer limited to models. Everyone has started doing this on social media. By applying filters, etc. Not everyone is as happy in their real life as they appear on social media.
I am a girl of some old thoughts. I think social media is spoiling people. I like to meet people personally (face to face).’

#! With regard to casting couch in Bollywood:
I always knew what I was hungry for, but I am not hungry for fame. Therefore, nothing can be easily agreed to do. Can not be nude. Or can’t sleep with the director. I have lost many jobs because I have not done ‘somethings’. And it was heartbreaking. I had a standard. I had a boundary. But it felt bad when I was thrown out for taking these things more than once. But then I came to know those good people win. Of course, do not win by holding their ‘way’, but ‘your’ wins by holding a path.’

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#! About pornography:
Many people misuse their powers. Many people get money, power, fame but they have not erased the impurities of their soul. Then there is an emptiness in them, which they want to fill quickly. And then the whole game remains of demand and supply. That’s why porn and sex go shoulder to shoulder.

#! Options and Choices:
‘We always have opportunities to choose from. Like you (from the interviewer) chose to go into the porn industry. I chose to work in restaurants, in bars.’

The original video clip is embedded above, you can also watch it. She had also shared the same interview on the Instagram post.
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