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About Us


Bgs Raw Media is all about the influencers and digital creators in the new generation of independent(Atma Nirbhar) work and art and you will be happy to know the full form of Bgs Raw is Bloggers Stories - Relevant and Worthy. We're the first online news magazine that noticed the work of influencers and featured exclusively on our web pages. We believe that each story is to tell something and to convey messages and motivate others. And so we're working to bring such stories in a different way, which is being loved by the readers.

The Bgs Raw also keeps an eye on news, gossip, covers, fashion, beauty, arts & viral-unknown talents, entertainment news, entrepreneur, etc. So we make your interest in entertainment to read and view our website. We may prepare an e-Magazine(Portable Document Format) from time to time, and this will be available to read on your digital device only now we are available on Google News' so you can find us in your default Google News app available on your smartphone.

How do we sustain it?

For every online platform, there is a requirement of expense to maintain the bills and payments, so currently, we are Bootstrapped and generate revenue through advertisements. Even though advertisement doesn't boost our work, we also get help through donations & contributions from our readers(if you would love to contribute, just continue here at the 'Support Us' option and show your love).

Alternate ways to help us, we already have been partnered for affiliation of e-commerce platform with amazon, myntra and 50+ website and we have recommended some of the products to you in the Shopping category, so if you shop via our link, it may generate a bit commission without affecting your original price.

"The views, information, reactions or opinions expressed during [the] series are sole to those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of any institution or organization and its employees."


Bgs Raw was originally founded by Bikram Kr Singh, in the year 2014 but it was later published in the year 2017. He is a Digital Entrepreneur and loves to write and explore new trends. You can communicate on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates.

We are registered under the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME) with a registration number. UDYAM-AS-08-0000077, under National Industrial Classification(NIC) Code 58 - Publishing activities, 63 - Information service activities, 73 - Advertising and market research

Mission: Why Bgs Raw exist?

Our mission is to build a productive and creative platform to share and feature stories of talented artists, influencers, bloggers, Youtubers, Entrepreneurs, Sports, Fitness, Art & Culture of different traditions of the States.

What makes Bgs Raw Media different?

We are different from other media because it is not political. Bgs Raw is the voice of each digital creator to sound up with their existence on the platform and this makes the difference. 

Available Opportunities

Do you have any stories which really needed appreciation? So don't just wait, write it early and submit your article or guest post to us (submission link is available on this website below). Other than stories you can also submit news, interviews, reviews, etc(crime & politics are not accepted on this website; you may contact our partner site).

How to contact us

To get in touch with Bgs Raw Team you can visit the contact us page, however, the online chat is appreciated rather than calling!


"Bgs Raw never voices the negativity of anyone, we always focus on the positive side of a creator or the person. We do not disrespect or misuse or harsh online anywhere." Things are only created after watching the beauty of oneness. It must be clean and tidy, so that someone may take the chance to appreciate it."

The Bgs Raw Media


Vaishali Se Hai’ is the best portal in the district of  Bihar, where we cover the local event of our district in a very different way. We try to deliver the local news and articles which experience to our audience. From Vaishali Local News to foods and recipes to our views and opinions, we have for you in one place without distracting your thoughts.

Please note Vaishali se hai is a Hindi version of Bgs Raw, where you'll get Educational content and local news, for the latest news updates please refer to our website

The Name ‘Vaishali Se Hai’

The name of this news portal is ‘Vaishali Se Hai‘ was inspired by our native land, which is known for;

One of the largest cities in the 5th century BC, Vaishali is credited with being the first republic in the world to have properly elected representatives and effective administration. This place is found in the great history of Ramayana. Buddha spent the last days of his life near the town of Vaishali and King Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, was born here.

Some of the major attractions around Vaishali are Ashoka PillarBawanPokhar Temple, and three Buddha Stupas.

So you might thought why we have chosen this name. Each individual of the district is proudly from Vaishali Se Hai.

Who We Are?

'Vaishali Se Hai' stands as a voice of the people, where we like to promote our culture, and traditions around India and globally..

When we were called Bihari in some states we get regret but let's change our minds to not react over it and be proud of it.

Start of Vaishali Se Hai

Inspired by the existing media on the internet, we thought to get more close to our native people and so Bikram started this portal shortly.

We hope for a good start together with all of our families of 'Vaishali Se Hai' and request you to follow us on our official social media handles(which is linked only on this site).