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  • The Bgs Raw
    Bgs Raw is all about the influencers and digital creators in the new generation of independent work and arts. We're the first online live magazine that noticed the work of influencer and featuring on the webpages. We believe that each story is to tell something and to convey messages and motivating others. And so we're working to tell such stories in a different way, which is being loved by the readers.
    * The Bgs Raw also keeps the eye's on news, gossips, covers, fashion, beauty, arts & talents, virals, entertainment, etc. So we make your interest in entertainment to read and watch our website. As to remind that we do not publish any physical copy of the magazine. But we may prepare e-Magazine within time to time, and this will be available to read on your digital device and now we are officially available on 'Google News' just find us in your default app available in your smartphone and read our interview and stories.
    * How do we sustain: For every online platform there is a requirement of expense to maintain the bills and payments, so currently we are Bootstrapped and generate revenue through advertisements. But as you know advertisement doesn't boost the work as soon, so we also get help through donations & contributions from our readers, if you want to contribute us we welcome you here Please respond us via official Instagram too @bgsraw
    * VIEWS and OPINIONS are personal
  • Founder/CEO
    The concept was originally created by Bikram Kr Singh, in y-2014 but it was later published in y-2017. He is a Certified Digital Entrepreneur, Blogger, Artist, and Youtuber. He also loves to write and explore new trends. If you want better communication than follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Mission
    Our mission is to build a productive and creative platform to share and feature stories around our country India. We also do live chat for the interviews which are well known as The Bgs Raw Social Chat, where we introduce an independent creator, artist, influencer, entrepreneur, sportspersons, etc, and their stories. As basically we are away from political bias and such thinking but we appreciate the arts of it. However, Views are Personal!!!
  • Available Opportunities
    Do you have any stories which are really needed appreciation? So don't just wait, write it early and submit your article to us (submitting link is available in this website bellow). Other than stories you can also submit news (crime & politics is not accepted), interviews, reviews, etc.
  • How to contact us
    We have added a contact section above in the top-left grid tab, click on it and the sidebar will appear and below you will see the details to enter, just enter with the proper query and submit. will back to you. Note: Never share Credit /Debit card details/OTPs and any confidential information, we are not responsible for the loss. email:


"Bgs Raw never voice any negativity of anyone, we always focus about the positive side of a creator or the person. We do not disrespect or misuse or harash online in anywhere." Things are only created after watching the beauty of oneness. It must be clean and tidy, so that someone may take the chance to appreciate."
The Bgs Raw


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