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Advertise with us on Bgs Raw Media is the news magazine website. Choosing us can help you promote your products and services online. 

Your message, delivered beautifully, in a quality publication, at an affordable price.
Every month we are reaching 20k+ views on our webpage, who are reading our publication of different articles such as news, stories, interviews, reviews, health & personal care, etc.

We're the fastest-growing website which is also known as 'Bgs Raw Social Magazine' to feature digital creators with their stories on our specific topics. Our viewers are also looking for such recommendations for the best Travel Packages, Trending Fashion, Business ideas, Reviews, Tech news, health tips, etc of the brands and their products.

Stats at a glance:

  • 50k+ monthly unique visitors
  • Traffic: 80% Organic, 20% Referrals, other  from social media
  • About our audience: Our audience engagement is coming via Google News, Duck Duck Go, Twitter, Facebook, Bing, etc. They know the topics to study and so they are coming to gain some knowledge or by reading our interviews.
  • Gender: 55% Male, 35% Female, 10% Others
  • Age: 20-55


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Advertise With Bgs Raw Media

Make Your Profile | For Influencer, Blogger, Digital Celebrities

Why Bgs Raw Media?

→ Bgs Raw Media is India’s no. 2 website in the Biography niche (only after Wikipedia) to feature the stories of the creators and digital celebrities. If you are a public figure, you can feature your profile on our website and let your fans find you among India’s top celebrities.

→ Your profile will show up on Google’s first page for your name search (provided your name doesn’t clash with any other famous person on the internet)

→ Your profile will show up in the related section of other celebrities in your field, which will increase your profile coverage to a new audience of similar interests. Example: If you are a Singer, your profile will show up randomly in the related section of singers like Neha Kakkar, Diljit Dosanjh, Ankit Tiwari, etc.

Rules For Getting a Profile on Bgs Raw Media:

If you are looking to make your profile on Bgs Raw Media, kindly read the following rules:

✓ You/Your client should be a little famous in some aspects.

✓ You/Your client’s name should have appeared in at least one of the renowned news articles or newspapers. Kindly send us the URL of the news article or an image of the newspaper article.

✓ You need to provide all of the details that you want to put in your profile along with the images.

✓ You are required to send an ID proof of yours for identity verification. If you are representing a person, kindly share proof that you have taken permission from the person for putting up the information on our website.

✓ The fixed price for creating a profile on our website is Rs. 3,999 (18% GST Included, email us to get your GST invoice)

✓ If you qualify the criteria or you have any doubts, you can send us an email at contact@bgsraw.in

The Process of Getting a Profile Published:

Step 1: Pay the fee by clicking the payment button given at the end of this page.

Step 2: After paying the fee, email us your profile data along with the images, our editor will publish the profile in the next 24 working hours and you will get the published URL of your profile via email.

Bgs Raw Top List, for creators, influencers, bloggers

We have launched Bgs Raw Top List in which creators get featured in the top 10 list, for the specific (category such as beauty, fashion, comedy bloggers, etc) blog article by which you can get notice toward the brands.

How we will keep you on top?

As per our pricing, we charge Rs. 199/profile for the feature. Please note when you pay high the bidding price the chance gets higher to add yourself to the No 1 position.

Profile Criteria?

Please note that you must have at least 8k+ followers on your social handles, either you may not apply to this product.


Products and Services Pricing.

Please Note: All the advertisements/sponsored will be accepted after reviewing the product and services by the clients. All the graphics and visuals of the advertisements should be provided by the clients themselves. We Interact Client with Indian Price List

Please note all Digital Marketing Services come under GST taxation, so for each purchase of 18%, GST will be applicable.

These charges are subject to change from time to time, the price may keep increasing or decreasing.

International Price List Currently Not Serviceable, please contact us once.

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