Dear viewers! Bgs Raw gets lots of queries regarding our terms, products, services, social media handles, etc. So few of the queries are repeated by our users, so we took the FAQ page to answer all your queries. If anything is been missed out please take a moment to tell us via comment.

Q. How to get featured on The Bgs Raw Social Magazine?

That's very easy just fill out the form, with a few of your details to get featured.

Q. How to get featured on our Instagram page?

If you want your pic to get featured on our official Instagram page. Just drop an email with your pics the subject ''#BgsRaw Instagram Sunday Feature'' write a short line about you and mail it. If you find it difficult to mail, do WhatsApp to our contact number.

Q. Benefits of following us on Instagram.

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll be updated with the latest news headlines, interviews, stories, featuring creators, virals posts, inspirational quotes, etc.

Q. Who will be introduced to your magazine?

So you must be a creator, influencer, blogger, models, actors, fashion designer, YouTuber, social helper, local business, sportsperson, etc. If you come in such categories you will be introduced in our webpage. All comment and opinion expressed by the guest are their personal views only.

Q. What are the conditions that apply to get featured?

We don't think there are huge conditions, but we will review your profile before introducing it. This is done to know your online presence, creativity, or your field of interest.

Q. How will you take my interview?

Currently, we are available for digital print so the interview is taken via phone call and WhatsApp chat.

Q. What is the benefit of getting featured?

Getting featured on our platform gives a good impression on your personality if your a celebrity, creator, influencer, blogger, player, volunteer, etc.

Q. How many followers must I've to get featured?

To get the feature in Bgs Raw social magazine one must have 'active' Instagram followers with a good profile impression. The profile must contain standard content, the review will be done on our internal conditions.

Q. Do the quality matter?

Obviously, quality matters. But taking pics on good cameras is not enough, creativity must be conceived in your post.

Q. How Bgs Raw generate income and earn money?

Bgs Raw earns money from advertisement, we are also partnered with an affiliated network site to promote their different products and services, so when any user makes a purchase through our retail link, it generates a bit of commission. Also, we have open crowdfunding who can help directly by making small contributions. (It's and request, please make any purchase via our retail link on this website, by which you can help us indirectly).

Q. Who is the owner of Bgs Raw Media?

Bikram Kr Singh is an owner and founder of Bgs Raw Media Website. It was created and established in the year 2018.

Q. Do Bgs Raw collaborated?

Yes, Bgs Raw is open for collaboration (link) such as;

1. Banner advertisements on webpages

2. Banner advertisement on a social post

3. Sponsored articles on web pages and social media

4. Products reviews

5. We are also open to so-called media partnerships, to benefit each other, this will be applicable only if you are running any pages on social media related to news/media/food/fashion/lifestyle, etc

Q. Guest post on Bgs Raw?

Accepted! If you have content and looking for a guest post then we are accepting them here

Download Templates

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Free shoutout on Bgs Raw Instagram page, download the official shoutout templates and replace them with your details, and sent it out here. Only individuals, models, influencers, bloggers, creators are allowed to use it.