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The Sloshed Engineers is a youtube channel created by dhruv & shubham. Bgs Raw latest interview

Hey, folks today we have two members from the same channel named ‘The Sloshed Engineers’ which is on Youtube in which Dhruv & Shubham performing and influencing their videos. Both of them were introduced in Bgs Raw interview and we came to know more about these creators. After engineering which accomplished the mission between semesters, assignments, examinations, etc now they come upon the full-time social creator on youtube. Let you read the full conversation below:

Interview with the team of  The Sloshed Engineers:

Q. What is the most challenging thing to create content for both of you?
Shubham: The most challenging would be the IDEA. Personally, for me, most of the time gets spent in coming up with a new video idea. Not every week do we have a trend going on, or an occasion, a festival. So it gets a little hard. But at the end of the day, somehow we manage to pull out good content(as per our audience). So thank god for that!

Dhruv: As Shubham said, the idea is the first challenge, the second challenge would be editing the video. Setting up the right mood for the video with appropriate background music, sound effects, transitions, and a lot of other things that will eventually make the audience relate to it and hopefully like it and us.

Q. What is the only content you’re keeping in the circle for your audience?
Shubham: Our content is primarily a feel-good comedy. From funny skits to movie parodies, fun challenges to travel vlogs, we keep experimenting with our content. We also work on creating content that, we believe, may bring about a change in someone’s life or at least have a social impact. One of our videos,‘You Matter’, talking about suicide prevention was well received and much appreciated by the audience.

Q. What are your’s resolutions for 2020?
Shubham: Like every other person’s new year resolution, I am hoping to get in shape by the end of this year(underline “hoping”). I think going on a solo trip would also be cool, right? But primarily, working on the channel and reaching new heights in 2020!

Dhruv: I have a great interest in singing but I am a bathroom singer. So my resolution is to get better at it and finally be able to make content out of that as well.

Q. You told me that you’ve moved to Mumbai. Let us know about your hometown.
Shubham: I hail from the city of Amritsar, Punjab. That’s where my parents stay. After having moved to Mumbai, what I really miss are winters and my mother’s special Sarson da saag(It’s to die for). Oh and also the Punjabi weddings, for good food and dance!

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Dhruv: I am from Gurgaon and what I love and miss about that place are my go-to places, Galleria and CyberHub, momos and single-digit winter temperatures and also Metro, because I’m done with Local trains here in Mumbai!

Q. As we know both of you are engineers. Although now you have chosen to be a Youtuber. So what is your goal and future plans?
Shubham: The long term goal is to meet Lilly Singh during YTTF India as a creator, backstage. Short term goal is to work towards the long term goal and produce videos that would make people laugh and subscribe to the channel and in this process, learning and improving in every aspect of content creation.

Dhruv: My goal is to reach a wider audience through our content. Be able to have a bigger YouTube family and impact as many people’s lives as possible in a positive way, of course. I see a more confident and expressive me in the future, for sure, so definitely working towards that.

Q. What was your job before coming on YouTube?
Shubham: I worked for a Digital Marketing firm based out of Bangalore for about 8 months. Luckily, my colleagues and bosses were extremely understanding and supportive of my YouTube channel. They even used to give me ideas and funny instances that I could use while producing a video. As a matter of fact, we have a couple of videos on the channel inspired by them. I had a great time there!

Dhruv: Like many Indian families, I was supposed to pursue an MBA, because of which I was stuck up between attending coaching classes and surprise tests. However, all I could think about during the classes was the idea for our next video and daydream about the success of our channel.

Q. We have shown most of the creators have quit their jobs to be a social star. What do you guys think about the social creator and its business?
Shubham: While working a job, it may be hard for some people to cope with both work and content creation. So one must choose between the two. The scope for creators’ business is vast, for sure. But it’s also not a bed of roses to achieve stability. Not initially, at least. And that is the case with almost every business there is. One has to make their mark in the market(or the audience, in our case) to get recognized and have their business running.

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Dhruv: I think it’s great how people are venturing into content creation and thinking beyond conventional jobs. Of course, quitting a stable job and trying out something new is risky. But If you are genuinely passionate about it and you are confident enough, it’s great to give it a shot and try your luck. Also, I believe, there is competition in every field so it’s better to work for something you genuinely believe in instead of working half-heartedly for something else.

Q. Do family supports your decisions?
Shubham: One hundred percent. My family has always been extremely supportive of my decisions. I have 2 incredible sisters who always have my back and are my go-to’s for every problem I face(being the youngest in the family is the best!). Ever since we were little, our parents have encouraged us to take risks, set goals, work hard and achieve them or try at least. Probably because they have been the hardest working people themselves. I definitely look up to my family every time I need motivation.

Dhruv: My family has always supported all of my decisions(touchwood). It’s very important to have strong support in order to stay on track and motivated. When they heard that I wanted to pursue a career on YouTube, they were as excited as I was and way more supportive than I thought they would be, so much much so that they allowed me to move from Gurgaon to Bangalore and then to Mumbai to work on the channel.

Q. Most of the team-mate makes an argument for doing the same thing in a different way it may be for content creations too. So we like to know about you?
Shubham: We do have our creative differences from time to time. And then I lock Dhruv in the washroom and do what I think is right. Just kidding. What matters to us is the final product, the video, so we try and find the best way out and eventually find a middle ground. But I must say, both of us think alike most of the time.

Dhruv: My expertise majorly lies in video editing and Shubham’s in scriptwriting. So we usually don’t have a lot of conflicts. We always consider each other’s POVs and take the best possible decision. However, as he said, we find a middle ground and work towards creating content that both of us want to achieve. We prioritize the quality of content over unhealthy arguments.

Q. Since we complete the one year of our online magazine. How will you recommend Bgs Raw and our contribution to promoting the bloggers and social creators?
Shubham: First of all, warmest congratulations to Bgs Raw on their first year anniversary! Second of all, being India’s first e-magazine to feature and promote digital creators from all walks of life is in itself an incredible thing to do! It is definitely a great platform for us creators to take the readers on a ‘Behind The Scenes’ journey with us by sharing our experiences and being ourselves and not just the content creators that people know.

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Dhruv: A big congratulations on completing one year! It’s a great initiative to bring bloggers and content creators into the limelight and respect their work. One of the most important things because of which we do what we do is to get acknowledged and appreciated. And Bgs Raw does exactly that so thank you so much. I was glad to be a part of this.

Q. Have you collaborated with any other channel creators?
Dhruv: We collaborated with ‘Pakka Local Team’, a YouTube channel based out of Hyderabad, a couple of months ago. Shot a funny skit titled, ‘When Dad Finds Your Condom’ which also happens to be one the most fun videos to work on.

Q. What will be your message for the visitors?
Shubham: Like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel, ‘The Sloshed Engineers’!  And also, stay happy, positive and TRUST THE PROCESS!

Dhruv: Don’t be afraid to venture out into new fields to build your career. If you believe in yourself, if you are passionate and confident about what you are doing, then one day you will definitely achieve the success you deserve. It is important to feel a different kind of happiness and adrenaline rush when you do the work you love as your job.


Q. The thing you’ll not repeat this year
Shubham: Breaking my new year resolution
Dhruv: Watching Bigg Boss

Q. Any secret you want to reveal
Shubham: Dogs scare the hell out of me.
Dhruv:  I am an introvert.

Q. Most of the argument you make on
Shubham: House duties
Dhruv: When things are not organized the way I want.

Q. Bollywood crushes
Shubham: Alia Bhatt
Dhruv: Katrina Kaif

Q. Street food you like most
Shubham: Momos
Dhruv: Momos, shawarma rolls

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