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No matter the ages, it may be big, small, old, young, etc. Just a few days ago we interact a guy name Amit Dev, who is studying in the 9th standard and he told me about his interest in fashion and its influence. By hearing to the sound Instagram, he came on this photo-sharing platform on Instagram a year ago who is taking over the choice of poses and the pics are being likes by most of the users.

It was quite interesting to know the fact and his thinking of personal interest. He told “I’m interested in modeling acting and fashion blogging. I love to play snooker. I love to visit new places. I’m a very confident person and hard working. My inspiration is Mariano Di Vaio.

When I interact with Amit Dev his answers were:

Q. First of all let us know your age?

Q. How did you come to know about modeling and fashion at this age?
Earlier I don’t have any idea about modeling. But, as I came on Instagram. I’ve seen so many good contents, photos, models. From these platforms, my journey is beginning…

Q. What does your mummy/papa tell about your fashion & modeling interest?
My parents do not know much about fashion modeling. But they are so good. They always support me

Q. In which class or semester are you reading now?
I’m in class 9th now.

Q. Do teachers and your co-friends know about your influence? Whats they tell about you?
Not teachers, but we all have some friends as I also have from whom we share everything. They always say that you are good looking and you must apply for any modeling contest

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Q. How do you arrange the photoshoots?
I’ve some friends who are photographers nearby me. From them all arrangements are maid.

Q. So everyone has their own role model to inspire, so tell who inspire you?
I’ve some friends who are photographers nearby me. From them all arrangements are maid. My only role model who inspires me is MARIANO DI VAIO.

Q. What is your future plan?
To become a famous Model

Q. Did you think you’ill be featured on Bgs Raw Magazine?
Ahhh! Well, I’m confident about it.

Q. Any message you want to express
Yes, I want to express my feelings. Always follow your dreams never listen to the arguments. BE GOOD-DO GOOD

I hope this guy may keep this positivity and the art of fashion also the education with him and with a great success ahead.

Today we get the news of depression or their parents are stoping them to enjoy their hobbies or personal interest, this could be a better example for those who don’t hope or plan for there shelves. It doesn’t mean you copy what your friends are doing but also check whether the things are working for you or not. And if you choose the same by copying your friends, then you’re the great fool of yourself, it may not benefit you.

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